Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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  • Looks like the next 70km will be tough for skinny, before reaching the flat areas around the lake.
    What happened to Lael? I don’t see her on the map?

  • She's there. Very close to Petervary, sometimes it doesn't show all the dots.

  • Looks like they're riding together on the graph

  • Drafting together

  • Skinny's quicker sleep pattern and Jakub's quicker pace are keeping them close to each other for now. Looks like a pretty nice descent coming up for both down to the lake and resupply towns. Dion scratched, hope he's ok.

  • Shoes related issues it seems

  • Didn't know he was first! Pretty exciting. Following this with a bit more energy than others I have before and thoroughly enjoying it

  • Skinny and Jackub are together now.. Mindgames now

  • 700km sprint. its italy divide all over again.

  • lael pretty close to them though.. could be an interesting finish

  • Battles between 1st and 2nd & 3rd and 4th are really interesting. If they all bunch up, we could be on for a phenomenal finish. This is ace dotwatching.

  • In the midst of all the excitement, the smaller stories tend to get overlooked. Touching tales of early drop-outs due to mechanical failures or stomach upsets are trickling in. The South African rider who cycled 180km with one leg because of a broken crank arm. That of a rider breaking his frame in four places after a nasty crash. And the tandem couple having to scratch after one of them hit his head on the stairs of a hotel corridor. While the head is OK, the wound did not allow a helmet to be placed over it. Fact is: each and every one of them is pushing their limits to face up to the extreme conditions of this beautiful but brutal race.

    Full read:­d-mountain-race-2019-race-report-2/

  • one of them hit his head on the stairs of a hotel corridor

    Used to be at the back of the tandem without having to care for which line to pick?
    From the scratch report it sounded like he/she got lightheaded and fell (in the hotel)

  • Despite them being close, it took Jakub and Skinny 3h to do those 20km that are separating them from Lael/Jay. That's a whole night worth of sleep in SRMR terms.

    Personally I'm impressed with Jakub's pace/performance so far

  • I'm interested to see what Skinny and Jakub do once they reach CP3. It'll take Skinny up to about 180km for the day, below his average distance, but then there's a decent opportunity for rest/food/resupply? There's a 1000m climb after the CP too...

  • Anyone know off hand how single speed blokey is doing?

  • Ben Hudson.

  • Still going, 600km in

  • single speed! woah.

  • Makes sense is half the race is walking and the other half is descending :)

  • that is good logic.

  • As a singlespeed rider, I use the incredibly durable Surly Ultra New rear hub and a White Industries trials freewheel, driven by an Absolute Black oval chainring and a long-life ebike chain.

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  • I've been using that same 'logic' to try and justify using my Inbred for an ultra. :)

    Wonder if he'll stop early evening at the Control, eat and sleep and then tackle the 2000m climb and then the 4000m climb during the day tomorrow? I probably would (sitting at a desk) but on the road I'd probably think "oh, no drama, I'll do this now.." like an idiot and then waste loads of time getting lost or crashing.

  • That's a whole night worth of sleep in SRMR terms

    Or a bad puncture/mechanical/oversleep. Lots of possible outcomes.

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Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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