Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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  • The interesting thing now is where is @skinny and his chasers going to get to tonight?

    Project forward another 200km from where he is now - he's already been riding a while - and that puts him on the ascent up what, last year, was the hardest pass in the race, where several people got caught out in blizzards and had to abandon (and where Jay P sealed his win by pushing through). Will he aim to stop early so he can sleep a bit lower before hitting it, aim to ride long to get through it before resting, or just ride on to a timetable and cope with whatever the weather might be.

    Obviously, just because it was hard last year doesn't mean it will be this time - maybe there will be calm, sunny weather up there, and it won't matter when he does it!

  • This I what I was waiting for , I hope Rue her girlfriend got a photo as she passed him.

  • Jakub (2nd) seems to have gone off course a bit. It's not a tracker issue because Dion Guy did the same. Looks like less climbing.

  • Strange.

    It looks like a shit route as it cuts across the grain of all those little ravines. And there is no visible track on the satellite picture.

  • Skinny is a stickler for routine/pattern isn't he? I read last night in the manual that the second half of the race is the worst half. His newness to this type of racing may tip the balance back a little to Jay and Lael, whether that is enough of a factor is a question if they face some really unpredictable things. He's just faster right now and probably going out a month before the race has helped a lot. Dion and Jakub have slept way too long to expect to keep pace with Lael, Jay, Skinny haven't they?

  • Jakub is only 9k behind now.

    I don't know how to do a history to see if he stopped or what.

    Hope an off-route penalty doesn't have to come into it.

  • Ah, he's on a descent now. Speed has just tripled.

  • yeah, Jakub lost a good bit of his lead by sleeping longer. I was just imagining if that continues for a couple of days he may not be able to make up the difference while riding.

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  • He might be being conservative early on, or he could be resting an injury due to going out hard? What was that? Almost 8-9hrs of sleep? He's also not done this before right? So perhaps he doesn't know how little sleep he can get away with so hasn't started to push it yet.

  • If you were Jakub, would seeing skinny go past or take the lead change your approach? Like, would it affect you? Or do you guys ride to your own plan regardless?

  • Everyone says they ride their own race, ride to their own plan/schedule but if I get passed I'm annoyed. Even when I was injured I hated seeing people go by. I knew I couldn't do anything about it (physically pushing harder) but it still sucks and I'd definitely be thinking about other ways to gain back time (cut sleep, be faster loading up food, whatever). I'm certain most people when passed would run through their head and see if they can go any harder.

    @skinny is probably the exception to this, the methodical bastard. :)

  • That's interesting!

  • ^this even back where I was in TCR people were checking track leaders and wanting to get ahead of those around you. That said if you feel your pattern is better you might just stick to it. That seems to be what skinny has done...?

  • I'm a competitive prick though. I'll make a race out of anything, with or without the ability to stick it.

    Actually, one of my favourite races was the TransPyrenees which I wasn't 'racing' per se. I'd set my stall out to enjoy the sites and that meant I was trying to sleep as much darkness as possible. I still did ok in that, and saw as many climbs as possible. But every other event I'm trying to get a better result or testing something to try and finish a better 'race'.

  • I did go better in TABR when I ignored the tracker and got regular sleep so I've tried to do similar in subsequent races but it doesn't always work out. Because I'm a stubborn idiot, it helps me finish races but it also means I stick to plans that I really should abandon. Like going to the hotel this TCR that was off-route in the wrong direction and up a mountain! Idiot! But I'd booked it and needed sleep. What I should've done was quit it and head along the route looking for a different hotel. But stubborn...

  • Having to ride in the dark must suck when you know you're missing scenery. Sounds a good strategy in TransP :)

  • Yeah, I've missed the big Italian climbs in the last two TCRs. I rode the Galibier in the dark this year but I'd done that climb before so wasn't too bothered. TransP though was a 'fun' event so I wanted to see as much as possible. It worked out quite well.

  • wakes up and checks the tracker...

    Boom! Forza skinny!

  • I have questions about Muhammet Giden

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  • Skinnys sleep last night was pretty short, I hope that push to get to the cp was worth it, though it looked to be a fair bit of descent for the last bit so maybe not too fatiguing physically, just mentally

  • Shown as scratched now.

  • 3-4hrs? Bloody luxury that!

  • That helps explain things

  • Where are you getting these graphy stats from?

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Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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