Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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  • Gap back out again. Come on @skinny.

  • 20k to go and he's 10k back. Looking unlikely unless he's got some fucking super duper energy gels hidden in his feedbags.

  • I hope the first will wait there to congratulate the other, then roll down to the finish together

  • so the control car isn't going to the flag pole?

  • I’d completely missed the flagpole thing. Looking a long shot now for skinny but who knows anything in a race like this.

  • Was watching Sofiane's dot intently when it got teleported through the finish line due to the tracker updating, quite anticlimactic! Seems like there will be no waiting for James at km 1847.

  • Sofiane’s dot seems to still be near flag location and paused for a while. I assume riders know about the flagpole thing?

  • Just updated, he's off in the city it looks like

  • Yeah looks like it.

  • How long would he have to wait?

  • Given Skinny’s speed, around half an hour / 45mins? Probably too knackered to wait around in the middle of a cold hill outside the city when he can go get warmth/ food, which is fair.

  • There is probably some very comfy looking rocks around for a wee nap.

    Edit: Looks like he's on the move again.

  • insta has gone live from the finish line, expecting Sofiane in 5-10 minutes

  • I don’t know how accurate the flag finish is/was? Sofiane seems to have passed through without slowing and had now descended the hill into the outskirts of Bishkek. Some posters on insta suggested that there would be live coverage of the finish but I’ve not seen anything, nor has there been any activity on any of the major accounts. Maybe they are just all letting the moment sink in, or maybe the finale will be in the city.

    Either way a heroic effort from both Skinny and Sofiane. Insanely inspirational.

  • Actually live on the official insta page now… from central Bishkek.

  • Crossing streams on the live stream but Belle from Tristrian Boggard cycle touring videos at the finish line as they are there touring, assume the finish line is at a hostel

  • Damn his voice really is completely gone. Mad amazing effort from Sofiane. Great Divide then this. Wow.

    Skinny coming in soon

  • Well done Sofiane, what a beast. Was rooting for skinny but you can’t be disappointed with that performance, he made it a hell of a race. Absolute heroes the pair of them.

  • Hadn't noticed the snail on the tracker until Nelson mentioned it just now :)

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  • Yeah the snail is a brilliant idea, gives racers at the back something to focus on & fight

  • 1.03 gmt, insta live again for James' arrival


  • Amazing work from Skinny, hot on Sofiane’s heel.

    Also that landslide in Shamshi pass that Skinny mentioned sounds big & gnarly

  • Damn pics of both their faces at arrivals… absolutely drained by the race.
    Congrats to Sofiane beast mode this year and James giant effort!

  • Had to go to bed for 4am wakeup but well done @skinny mate.

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Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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