11 speed cassette to your 10 speed freehub

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  • Does anyone done this?

    Ive spoke to tune sounds like my issue wont solve so just wondering if this work and i found a video online machined a few mm back of the cassete and i think is cheaper than spending more....

    Any suggestion would be appreciated...


  • I understand that you can also use Shimano 105 R7000 11-Speed Cassette (11-34t) without the spacer on a 10 speed Shimano/Sram hub.

    Edco monobloc 11 speed cassette and token 11 10 cassette are produced so that there is compatability.

    Wheels manufacturing accelerator version 11 allows cross compatibility between Campy shifters on Shimano 8/9/10.

    Alternatively, you can machine/mil the freehub if you have access to a lathe then you don't have to mess about with cassette.

  • I had one done by a guy on facebook who just asked for a donation to a Doberman rescue charity as payment.
    He did a good job and its working fine.

    There is a shimano cassette that will work on 10s freehubs though. If you're buying a new one anyway.
    You could also have the freehub machined down rather than the cassette but there'd have to be enough material left afterwards. Possibly not as easy

  • I know some one who filed away bits of the cassette splines by hand to convert 10sp to 11 on a novatec hub seems fine so far.

  • @PhilDAS have you got this Doberman lovers detail, I need a freehub doing if possible. Cheers!

  • I wouldn't machine a freehub down as there likely won't be enough strength left to hold the cassette when lockring is fitted

    I ground down my 11spd cassette to fit a 10 speed freehub this weekend. A lathe is ideal but I just used a bench grinder. It created a bit more mess but my hub covered the back of the cassette up anyway

  • PM'd you anyway

  • I've spoked with @Hulsroy awhile ago maybe he can help...

  • I used a guy on the Time Trial UK forum a couple of months ago, who machined a r8000 cassette for me. 40 quid. Looks like a good job but I haven't actually got round to using it yet!

  • 40 quid? Thats too expensive no no no no....@Hulsroy can you save our fellow forumer?

  • I understand that you can also use Shimano 105 R7000 11-Speed Cassette (11-34t) without the spacer on a 10 speed Shimano/Sram hub.

    Can anyone confirm this, got a customer who is asking the same, and as I'm no genius with gears I can't say for sure.

  • I know the HG800 works, thats 11-34


    Hub body designed to fit a variety of bikes from MTB to road bikes * Spacer required to fit hub body to road bikes

    IE spacer required for 11s freehubs, works on 10s without

  • I hope so as I've just bought one for this very purpose. It's the CS-HG700-11 though, strictly speaking.

    Can confirm that it has the 34t canted inboard of the hub/cassette interface, so looks promising!

  • Machine the back of the cassette and find a longer thread lockring

  • Yeah buy one that doesn't fit and machine it to make it fit. Much better idea than just buying one that works.

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11 speed cassette to your 10 speed freehub

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