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  • While browsing one of the other friendly bike forums this little gem came up. Salsa El Mariachi 1 in cherry red. It was love at first sight. Not even a trek to Cheltenham by public transport would keep us apart. Not sure how many of them are out there, but for me it'll always be one of its kind. I intend to give it as much bling as I can afford at the moment.

    Current build is all over the place. BB7s, lx mechanical levers, slx 3x10, charge wheels that are so heavy that they have their own orbit, crappy on one bars and seatpost.

    The plan:
    Strip it down, clean it up, convert to 1x10 (in the future to single speed), swap the forks for suspension.

    What I have:
    The hot in red
    Old rebas that have been sat in storage for longer than I care to remember
    Hope Pro2 hubs in matching colour

    What is to arrive over the next few weeks:
    Ritchey classic stem, bars, and seatpost
    M6000 brakes
    Skinwall Ardents
    Nextie xc rims

    What I still need to get:
    Spokes and someone to build my new wheels
    Cassette expander
    Narrow wide chain ring

    What I'm keeping from the current build:
    Headset till it falls apart
    Rotors till they die
    Rear mech and shifter
    Cranks. Will strip the paint and polish them

    Gotta get this done by mid August for the Trans-cambrian-way 3 day bikepacking trip.

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  • Nice! More pics please ;)

  • Yes, keep up the updates, this is a really cheeery frame!

  • Made small progress today. Put Nitto Bullmoose bars just to check how they feel. Turns out it looks pretty sweet with them. May keep it that way.
    Also did a ghetto tubeless conversion on current wheels to get some latex into ardents sidewalls.
    Ano stripper should arrive tomorrow and so the work on cranks shall begin.

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  • Would love to see this keep its rigid fork!

  • They felt like soft noodles. Wheel popped out when braking with bb7s. I'll see how they behave with a hope hub and a bolt on 10mm axle. May keep them for riding on tarmac.

  • please set the red chainring on fire. the rest looks awesome.

  • The whole drivetrain is to be shiny silver, with mirror polished cranks. I'm aiming for something like this

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  • The flex is what stops you breaking your wrists. Do the QR up tighter...

  • Rad biek tho, would kill for an original LE version

  • That was the first thing I did. Getting rid of these shitty qr hubs will most likely sort it out. I still want plush for trans cambrian way.

  • liking your work on this - agree with the comments about keeping it rigid though...
    suspension is for wimps.

  • Here we go!

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  • Don't try this at home kids!
    I kinda like the raw brushed alu look. Still gonna polish them tho.

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  • Well impressed with ardents. They set tubeless on non tubeless rims with electric tape and held pressure overnight.

  • Pretty happy with how they polished given my limited recourses. Would have to buy polishing bits for my drill to make them any shinier.

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  • I like it. I like it a lot.

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  • Yeah, looks good

  • Bar chain and goat link pretty much done. Don't know when the rims will arrive so it'll stay like this for now. Will take it for a spin as soon as the missing bits arrive.

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  • For next few days will be working on this. Hooger booger xt. Resprayed by previous owner which is a shame as the original paint scheme was really cool.

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  • I think it cleaned up rather nicely.

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  • Looks spot in, the black and red flite goes great with the colour of frame. Just make sure those forks stay on ;)

  • Bouncy forks will only come on for extended offroad bikepacking.
    Got an update on rims from nexite. They are going into production on 2nd of August. Gives me plenty of time to hunt down some rad silver hubs.

  • While I'm waiting for converters, adapters, cables, and all other random stuff for my retro build I figured I'll put a granny gear (totally need it cos I'm still in recovery from a broken ankle) on my Tarn to get it ready for SDW.
    Get the chain whip on. The cassette is lose. The MTB spacer is missing on the hub body. Easy fix. Get that sorted. Now the gears have never been indexed properly on it. That should be easy to sort out too. No. The derailleur refuses to shift to the lowest gear. Few hours of fiddling with the drivetrain the root cause is found: some idiot (that'd be me) didn't remove the b-link while putting the mech on direct mount hanger. Somehow don't feel like riding today any more.
    Anyone in the market for an XL 2017 Genesis Tarn Frameset? 3 steel rigid mtbs is one too many.

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  • Clunker 1.0

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Eternal n+1

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