• I'm supposed to be doing the Two Ton tour tomorrow so thought I'd squeeze in time to replace the cables on my Shimano Ultegra 6700 groupset.

    As I peeled back the lever hoods I noticed that the screws that held the inner door on the left-hand shifter were loose and as the hood was rolled back, the door jettisoned off onto the floor. As it did this the little silver tab popped out of position and now will not go back in. Later on, the small spring also fell out.

    After some google and shimano manual searching, I have found nothing helpful. The exploded view for the shifters from shimano is not detailed enough for this part of the shifter!

    Any help would be really appreciated as at this rate I will not be attending the Two Ton Tour!

  • YouTube video which may assist

  • Hi
    I have the same problem with the shimano 6700 left shifter , did you find a solution ?

  • Any help would be really appreciated as at this rate I will not be attending the Two Ton Tour!

    Ride it in the little ring. They'll love you for that!

    But SRS I think you're on a bit of a rebuild journey. Probably cheaper (depending on how you value your own time) to get a new one.

  • Reawakening an old thread just to record that the exact same thing happened to my 6700 left hand shifter this weekend. I believe it's the silver tab that was pushed out of position and caused the door to be pushed off - neither of the springs that came out were under much tension. Anyhow, I also found nothing useful on the internet and my poking about was fruitless. Gave up and put an old downtube shifter on so I could get out riding yesterday. I don't think it will be fixed, so will look out for an affordable replacement but more likely just re-adapt to the downtube shifter in the meantime.

  • I’ll throw my hat in here too, exact same problem... another shout out, anyone found the issue before I tear it down?

  • Any idea why this has occurred? Not my bike, shifter, or hand. Friend of a friend has asked me to have a look.

  • That looks to me like retainer spring that holds the small lever has broken. Similar problem on my vintage DA 7400.

  • Tough fix, or fairly simple operation?
    Think the lad who owns it has been a bit heavy handed with it, to start with he thought the gears shifted automatically, then he thought right hand was up, left hand down shifts. When he brings it round a may have to get the paper and crayons out to explain how they work!

  • Simple if you have a part e g correct spring replacement. Otherwise you’re buggered

    Image below is showing circular spring that is missing an arm that hooks small lever

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    • 876ACB56-7DD5-4472-816F-31CB94656D12.jpeg
  • Phew. Just seen it, he'd managed to push the arm passed the plate, luckily with a bit of brute force and finesse I got it back into position and working as it should. Cheers for your help though.

  • Just happened me last night when I was trying to replace a cable. Did anyone ever get their shifter fixed/working again? Thanks

  • This seems to be a common problem with 6700 LH shifters. I’ve managed to strip mine....easy. Putting back together....virtually impossible. I have discovered a strained return spring (see image). Other than that everything seems ok. I don’t have the solution and trawling forums hasn’t given me the answer. However I upload some further images in the hope I can inspire someone to give us the answer. Yes I’ve ordered a replacement but repairing this will be so much more satisfying

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    • 4AF17592-067D-4C2F-AB0B-39CAD2328AF6.jpeg
  • Image showing all parts stripped down

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    • F890A0DA-9933-4D3D-A230-0B3EBFDE3A2C.jpeg
  • Hello Guys
    I have fixed the problem and have a solution to the faulty spring. In order fore the shifter to work under stress aka ridning everything must click at the right time and in the right frekvenser. If the spring is as you pictured above an elastic band might help. The damaged spring is supposed to pull the lever mechanism back to the right. Adding a small rubberband will help and take some of the load off the spring. Comment if you need Moore help.
    The rubberband is around the small downshifter and the triangular part that is sticking out and causing the problem

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    • 16196873448406642457855480096033.jpg
  • Hi I have the same problem and solve it with this tutorial, recommend watch from 10:00

  • Waited a long time for this, but finally I can reassemble my shifter. Thanks for posting the link, great tutorial.

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Shimano Ultegra 6700 shifter mechanism... Urgent help required!

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