FS: Principia Road Frame, Carbon Fork & Chris King

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  • Up for grabs...

    Super light Principia Frameset & CK headset.

    Handmade in Denmark and widely considered the ‘gold standard’ in aluminium frames ... the price for this frameset alone was around £1.5k back in the day! Circa 2002 I would guess.

    Not only is it just light, principia were famed for their stiffness.. IIRC they did some tube inter-locking thing before welding - anyhows, the proof is in the eating and this thing absolutely flys up hills.

    Condition is good, but the frame does have a few age related scuffs & rubs. The frame is not painted (paint is heavy right!?) it is instead anodised (oooh!). Hence the decals are stuck on.. they are not the original decals, and I would whip them off personally but that’s the buyers choice.

    The original seatpost clamp had a faulty thread, so I was going to sell without, but then I managed to cobble something together from a Hope clamp (it’s 30.0)

    The frame/fork has a 1-1/8” CHris King headset installed. I will also throw in the ITM stem

    The fork is full carbon and in superb condition, only a few scrapes underneath the crown as per usual. The steerer is quite short, a ‘racing length’ you might say...

    So the numbers...

    Top tube looks like 53.5 cm
    C-T seattube is 54cm
    Headtube is 97mm (excluding headset)
    BB is 68mm English threaded

    So, there you have it, a super light, retro racer. Showing its age cosmetically but a fine candidate for a weight-weenie budget build.

    Asking £100 collected (from Leeds) or £120 posted

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  • I have one of these (kinda.. it's just a Rex) and it's great. GLWS.

  • tentative dibs pending pics

  • More pics...

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  • Hey, it looks on the small size for a 54, did you ride it? How tall are you if you don't mind?

  • Hi, yes.. it has a very short headtube compared to modern bikes. Built for speed not comfort :)

    I’m 5’7 / 170cm but with a long reach

  • Ah cool, I suspect this will be a little too small for me then. Will let someone else grab it. Cheers!

  • Bargain, surely.

  • I'm 5'10" and ride a 54cm with 120mm stem:

    This is such a bargain; if I wasn't leaving the country I'd have it in a heart beat.

  • Nice! I used to have a red RCS s6 which has done the rounds here a few times

  • Pm'd

  • Bargain, I have one, great ride

  • You mention twice that it’s super light but don’t give the weight. So... what is it?

  • Bathroom scales say 1200g ish for bare frame

  • OP always has interesting bikes and well priced. You have PM @D_Mars

  • Is this sold? I pm'd you Thursday night to say I would take it if it wasn't.

  • Love these, had two at various times...

  • I'll buy this if not sold yet.

  • @krankers @ShutUpNoRest any interest in the frame and forks? Wanted to build a flying machine out of this but it's too small/aggressive for me. I've stripped the decals and made a hash of servicing the headset so going to keep it.

    £80 frame and forks delivered in London?

  • CK headset is worth £50, so would pay £50 for the rest.

  • Haha so you make the frame worse looking and get a 20 quid chris king?
    Seems fair

  • Also it appears I pm'd the OP a day before picco to say I would take the frameset. Bad form on sellers part if so.

  • head meets desk

  • Is it? I paid 120, so not a million miles out. If you want the headset as well for 120 you're welcome. Bottom cup needs servicing

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FS: Principia Road Frame, Carbon Fork & Chris King

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