LFGSS bikepacking tramps .......any interest?

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  • I've done a bit of rough sleeping following bike riding, and I know a few on here like a dabble from time to time, so I was wondering if there would be any interest in making a bit of a thing of it with fellow forumengers?
    It could take many forms, but all of them would end in a ditch/field/wood/etc, with likeminded folk, drinking something, eating something, making fire (where sensible/ethical to do so) and general merriment?
    It could be a route that you know, or know of over a number of days, or something much simpler, like a sub 24 hour overnighter jobbie.
    I'm not in London, I'm near Stansted airport, but I'll meet up anywhere, rota permitting!

    Who's interested?

  • Interested.

  • Might also be up for this, its got it all riding,drinking,eating and fire!!

  • I'm up for it, so long as it's an epic ride to the pub then passing out in a park before making it home

  • Will if I can. Love a fire and beer, me

  • That's a good start.....!
    I know there's more of us who like shitting in ditches, but small-ish bunches of pissed blokes in farmer's fields are less likely to get shot, I suppose!

  • If there's a Berkshire/South Oxfordshire event then I'd be keen. We've got prime shitting ditches out this way.

  • Keen for some ditch-shitting

  • Yes, I'd be down for this!
    Have spent most of my adult life doing just this.

  • If Suffolk appeals, Nacton shore on the River Orwell is great for some guerilla camping.

    There's a sheltered bend in the river, a couple of options to ride in and the Ship Inn is ten minutes away.



  • Yes, definitely up for this...

  • I'm also interested..

  • Good mini list starting! Mr Suffolk, that looks decent......now all we need is someone who is good at organising!

  • I'll loiter on this thread. Small children in my life and limited credits for sleeping in bushes means it's hard for me to make things, but you never know.

    Ironically, if I over spend my sleeping in bushes credits, sleeping in a bush could become my only option...

  • That's the good bit about sub24 overnighters....finish work, ride bike for 10/20/30 miles, eat, drink, shit in ditch, sleep, get up ride home....not many credits needed!

  • I'll cobble something together at the weekend.

    It's less than an hour from Ipswich train station, which is about an hour from Liverpool Street, so it's entirely feasible to be shitting on the beach Friday night and back home for Saturday lunchtime.

    Alternatively it's a good starting point to go on to Felixstowe for a dip and if the ferryman is sober, chip over to Bawdsey, on to Orford and then inland where we have the choice of Rendlesham forest for possible alien abduction (bumming) or Sutton Hoo to get haunted (bummed) by Vikings.

  • If there are any forum biketramps in the Sheffield/Peak District area (or if anyone's visiting), hit me up...

  • I’m in. For sure. As soon as August starts...

  • Yeah, if it's just that I'm in...my fav is to do on a work evening and rock into work having woken to sunrise and birdsong in the middle of nowhwere. People think you're odd when you tell them though.

  • Yeah, I was gonna plan another ride like this and camp after doing the South Downs Way 2day thing

    I'm away all of August but if you folks are interested then we'll get something together, know loads of routes near London that would be good for this kinda thing

    MTBikepacking forever

  • Also, might as well take the lead and suggest some stuff

    Dates - I have the 15th and 16th September weekend clear. Can't do any other weekends in Aug/Sept
    Location - no more than 1.5hrs outside London by train, cause that sucks
    Kit - people can borrow bikepacking stuff off me or other forum members if you don't have it

    15th and 16th Sept work for anyone else?

  • I could do that!

  • yep - im in

  • I'd be interested, but need to check the dates.
    Are we off-roading as well, or is this on-road?

  • This is a mix of on-road and off-road. I will be riding a hardtail MTB.
    Whatever route I settle on should be rideable on tires from 35c upwards.
    Ideal would be something like a rigid MTB with fast rolling tires

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LFGSS bikepacking tramps .......any interest?

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