Aint got nothing but a GT'hang baby

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  • I’ve always used braze on front mechs with a band on adapter without issue. You can position it however you need

  • Ohh, I can’t get my Campagnolo derailleur to shift thought more then 7 gears without chain rubbing on the derailleur cage - no matter how hard I try to position it. Maybe it’s my poor mechanical skills but this never came very apparent in the past :P

    I’m gonna give it another go.

  • Oh campag, all bets are off

  • Phil is right as long as you do it properly...

  • Is there any uk distributor do a nextday delivery? Seems like only CR had a stocked evans not sure tell me they have in condor

  • The thing is I can see that the derailleur is moved back and the rear end points to the ground a bit too match compared to the regular fit. I did my best to set it up properly. Dunno, gonna give it another try and if this doesn’t work I’ll just get a 32mm clamp on der and use a shim from my current band.

  • My bad... i might buy a clamp on that solve the problem ?

    No. You'll still need an inline barrel adjuster with a 6800FD (has no ability to adjust cable tension at the derailleur) in order to get the FD indexing correctly. Not a biggie, but I much prefer to avoid the barrel adjusters.

  • In that case Not a big deal, ill keep you updated if i cant do it then buy that hopefully it works

  • Cassete

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  • Black Headset on

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  • Regarding the lower bearing crownrace ive decided to used the stocked (old one) to give a good clearance same as rear wheel..

    This is the new Headset crownrace the old one like half the size

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  • Heres the box

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  • Quick sneaky pic

    Ill be back

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  • Excuse the backgroud ffs to hot landan

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  • Took it for a ride, it feels amazing will take proper photo tomorrow need some chill...

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  • looks good 👌🏽

  • Looks ace.

  • Thanks folks, test ride tomorrow at richmond park so come and join me

  • Looks good, have you sealed/coated the frame?

  • Thanks...not yet need to clean/polish the metal first before that

  • I kinda start liking this bike, i was so surprised very responsive and shifting is really smooth....

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  • Nice one!

    How does it compare to your more modern road bike?

  • Well, pretty hard to say as my other bike is quite fun to ride too but this one is👌

  • 2nd day update went out for a ride and its amazing as far as i know it shift really smooth well done...

  • How about that

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Aint got nothing but a GT'hang baby

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