Anyone have a CNC router for Aluminium?

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  • I need a couple of MTB shock mount plates milled out of 9mm thick Aluminium. I have the CAD files and can export to any format needed, I just don't have a cnc mill.

    Any frame builders out there have one? Have spare capacity for a couple of small parts (40mm x 50mm x 9mm)? How much?

  • @coldharbour might know someone, as might @mdcc_tester and @Hulsroy

  • How much?

    Min. £100, unless you get really lucky finding a shop which has nothing else to do. Up to £1000 if your design is complicated, e.g. tricky to hold for second op etc.

  • I have a CNC but no time I am afraid.

  • Hi, I can make for you I think . We cut the prototyping parts too.Send me to priv. or

  • @mdcc_tester yeah, £100 seems to be the quote i'm getting everywhere. I was kind of hoping someone had small DIY CNC in the garage they'd be willing to put to use.

    @orlowskiframes I'll ping you the .STL tonight

  • was kind of hoping someone had small DIY CNC in the garage

    @danstuff has one in his kitchen.

  • Fraid not. I've got a non-CNC mill in the dining room. The only tools in the kitchen are a wheel-building stand and an ultrasonic cleaner.

  • Your house sounds amazing!

  • Try your local Design/Engineering Dept at a Uni if you're nice to the Techs they might help you out. Or a 'Fablab' Type space where you can normally just rent time on machines.

  • There are photos of it here somewhere. Including the lathe and TIG welder in the dining room.

  • Try South Thames UTC, they are looking for simple jobs for their students to get their teeth into.

  • I've managed to find what I need in the end, so making my own is probably overkill now.
    Thanks for the South Thames UTC & Fablab suggestions, I'll give them a look next time.

  • @danstuff is this your kitchen?

    Also, are you this guy:

    Colin Furze

  • No, and no. This is my dining room/workshop:

  • ...simply epic....

  • Dredging this thread up as I'm looking for someone who can CNC a simple design into a small (25mm by 60mm) piece of brass.

  • a simple design

    Show the design, it makes a big difference to who is best approached to make it.

  • It’s a brand to be burned into a guitar headstock. The design is being done by @amey and should be something like this.

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    • 68F03417-D73E-4163-AA3B-12214FDC3013.jpeg
  • It’s a brand to be burned into a guitar headstock

    Brass wouldn't be my first choice for a brand, but then again branding wouldn't be my first choice if I was only going to mark one thing, now that lasers exist. If you're set on branding because it is a slightly different look and feel from laser marking, a specialist brand maker is probably going to be more economical than a generalist CNC shop, e.g. $85 for a 1"×2" brand:­ct/flame-heated-branding-iron-standard-u­se

    That's a complete tool ready to use, so all the image format conversion, 2D to 3D design, CAM programming, handle making and assembly included. At a general CNC shop, you'll have burned through £100 before a spindle has turned, and you'll either have to get a second rate brass product or suck up a significant PITA premium for copper because not many people have their tooling, feeds and speeds dialled in for that unless they do habitually do electrode work.

  • Have you considered water jet cutting as another way to get this done.
    I have no connection other than as a very satisfied customer for a few jobs that have been done for me but I can recomend
    Kent Waterjet Cutting Ltd.
    They are in Ramsgate Kent
    Ever so helpfull and tidied up my Illustrator file on one job I had drawn up.

  • I have an entire CNC machine shop @bicyclemanufacturing

    Have you looked into a plotter cut stencil some uv mask and acid etching some materials.... You can do that on your kitchen table

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Anyone have a CNC router for Aluminium?

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