Sweet sweet Bottles / Bidons

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  • I like Purist's and Camebak's indeed I own both but..


  • They do come from the states afaik California. Orders have to be in multiples of 50 and obviously therefore 50 minimum. At my work we give them a 6 month turn around but that may not be their quickest, we order way ahead of time.

  • we

    the putney bois?

  • Disbanded. It's just me holding the fort now

  • Yeah looking at ordering quite a few. Better get them ordered sooner rather than later then if you allow 6 months!

  • Given away more like, one to the state, one to murdoch, one to rapha

  • Alpkit bottles = guaranteed net loss of insta likes

  • I guess speak to their sales team. It may just be that we're in no rush as we order seasons well in advance so it may be possible to pay more for quicker turn around or something. I don't work with suppliers, I just create the orders and someone else liaises with them

  • one to the state, one to murdoch, one to rapha

    Capitalism strikes again

  • For Woodrup? Would buy if the design is good. Love the Purist bottles.

  • I have a couple of Camelbak Podium Dirt bottles, which are ok but the cover thing doesn't cover enough of the teat to really keep the mud out - are there better bottles for mountain biking, and if so what are they?

  • A hydration pack.

  • 2 questions that really don’t need an answer.

  • On that note I’m looking at ordering a load from specialised, anyone got experience of lead times/know how much the shipping costs? I’m assuming they have to come from the states, no mention of an EU bottle print facility.

    I’m looking into ordering from specialized as well, but before I go ahead with the process do you have an answer to the shipping costs and lead times?

    Edit: I’d be looking at ordering the 50 bottle minimum

  • I’m still waiting on my design guy so haven’t crossed the delivery date bridge yet, bespoked moving to October took pressure off a little but would still like to get sorted.

  • I see. Let me know when you have a quote, and I’ll also make sure to keep this space updated when/if I cross that bridge. I’m still a bit undecided if bidons is the best merchandise, or if I should go for something else, but I’m pretty sure it is.

  • Can’t beat bidons and shiny stickers.

  • Any recommendations for insulated bidons that aren't rubbish? Ideally a thermos mug type thing that fits neatly in a bottle cage? Surely this sort of thing exists, but my online searching is drawing a blank.

    Recently I've been carrying a flask of tea in a back pocket...

  • Klean Kanteen in king iris cages works for me - have been getting good use out of that setup for winter / bike packing trips for 4 yrs

  • Elite stainless are quite hard to get hold of
    I believe the plastic ones are also OK for hot drinks (although they're designed primarily for keeping cold drinks cold) https://www.bikester.co.uk/elite-nanofly­-drinking-bottle-500ml-grey-1204252.html­?

  • I use this and a wilko metal cage, similar to King that you can bend in a little. Worked a treat before I switched to a plastic cage. Wedge something in now to keep it tight. Keeps drink warm for hours, just has that flasky taste.

  • Thanks for recommendations and link to the hot drinks thread. I'm a bit surprised nobody (except Elite) seems to make a bidon-shaped flask.

    @andyfallsoff do you know which Klean Kanteen model?

    I might just put my flask in a sock and see if that keeps it stable in the bottle cage.

  • Think it is a 12oz wide with wide lid.

  • In my teens I chopped the neck off an old bidon pushed a small thermos inside and taped it in place. That worked pretty well too. Then I found a NOS Reg Thermic from the 70's which is perfect.

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Sweet sweet Bottles / Bidons

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