Sweet sweet Bottles / Bidons

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  • Looking for large single colour bottles preferably with as little graphics/branding as possible. Any pointers?

  • Elite Flyweight can be had in 950ml not really an everyday kinda bottle mind

  • Thanks. Looking for something that can take som use and abuse rather than being lightweight. If the Albion linked previously had come in a larger size it would have been perfect.

  • Sure, I found it quite tricky when trying to find larger than 750ml.
    Ultracycling thread might be an idea?

  • Don't know if this is too branded for you? It's only 800ml thoug: https://pedaled.com/uk_en/men-800ml-cycl­ing-water-bottle-black-mizu

  • I need some new bottles so it's that time again when I look at the bottles on offer and feel disappointed that I can't find anything to suit my bike :/

    I gather Specialized Purist bottles are good but I don't quite understand the difference between the dreadfully named MoFlo, Fixy and Watergate valves. I think I want a Fixy because you just squeeze it, but what's the difference between the MoFlo and the Watergate?

    I think I get that MoFlo = more flow but Watergate just suggests political scandal and corruption which doesn't seem super relevant.

    Does anyone have any practical experience of the different, er, openings?

  • Dude.. it’s just water bottles..

  • I have bottles with the Watergate and Moflo openings. I don’t particularly like the Watergate valve openings. Too hard to opening with your hand or mouth (for me) to pull up the nozzle.

  • My purist bottles ( only moflo I think) start leaking down your chin when drinking after a couple years. The classic tacx are still my favourite.

  • Joe Bidon

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  • Hah, are they available for purchase?

  • Yeah but they all cost £12+ these days plus if I buy the wrong ones that's a waste of plastic...

    Also I hate buyer's remorse and over research everything. Just how I roll.

  • Also I've got those pEdALeD ones and they slowly slowly drip SIS juice over my bottom bracket when brimmed. I don't want that, you don't want that. Do your bidon research.

  • Missed this! Thanks!

  • Camelback Podium or Specialized Purist (with I have only found with "Mo Flo" valve) are best bottles I have come across. The latest Tackx Shanti also offer a Camelback valve, but the plastic is harder to push and out of the 4 I have, 3 leak.

    Actually prefer the Podiums, but the Zipp cages I have seem to eject everything on Belgian cobbles else except Purists.

  • This.

    @Kdregg Also, having to use something that you’re not particularly keen on - or downright hate - while cycling because you made the wrong purchase is never good.

    Them may just be water bottles but if you potentially use them hundreds of times a month, you may as well get them right.

  • All good points.. I’ve never given mine much thought besides colour etc and they do their job containing liquids well enough soo.. Carry on

  • I prefer the Watergate top because it doesn't leak at all. Yes the nozzle is a little tight to open and close but I just leave it open on rides.

    The Moflo does give you more water per squeeze but it doesn't have a heart valve so will leak unless you very firmly close the nozzle which really annoys me.

    Also the Watergate top has a nice rubber feel whereas the Moflo has a hard plastic feel.

  • Oh god yes

  • Rework and new colours for the SBC bottles and a new offering from Seabass.

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  • £14 for a water bottle.

    Help. me. understand.

  • They cost around £6-7 each, plus shipping from the states and import(?).

    Bike shops aren’t going to make the effort of designing, ordering and stocking something then sell it for next to no margin. Bizniss innit.

    Custom camelbak bottles would literally be twice the price.

    On that note I’m looking at ordering a load from specialised, anyone got experience of lead times/know how much the shipping costs? I’m assuming they have to come from the states, no mention of an EU bottle print facility.

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Sweet sweet Bottles / Bidons

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