Sweet sweet Bottles / Bidons

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  • A safe place to discuss your favourite bottle/ bidon designs. Some really nice stuff coming out of local London shops at the moment.
    Picked these lovely spesh purist bottles up from P&L today. For those in the SE, get down there and get some.

    Couldn't find a thread specifically for this. If there is, delete away.

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  • Also a big fan of these from SBC.

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  • I'm using the same freebies I've had for the last 10 years. The used to have SIS and Torq on the outisde and the SIS ones were white. Now they're kinda grey on the outside and blackish on the inside. Luckily humans are mostly bacteria anyway.

  • Always a bit ironic seeing a small bike shop selling Spec.

  • Bought one of these Marmite bidons the other day, black bottles not a great idea for summer!

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  • This -

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  • I love the Radavist bottles that JB has on his fluro Talbot.

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  • Links where applicable please. I'm on the hunt for some neato 500ml bidons!

  • "bidons"?


    Come on.

    Just call them bottles.

  • I always prefer the opaque whiteiah bottles.

    The cool thing is that they double as great camping lanterns if you drop your front light in it. Drink all the liquid first obvious.

  • Just call them bottles.

    I prefer liquid containers.

  • I like to think of my multi-bottle + camelbak setup as Hydration Village.

    We have a ton of Brixton Red Stripe bottles.
    There were some amazing Spongebob ones on a bike in either gravel or functional thread. Want.

  • .

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  • I'm looking for a bidon in olive green. Kinda this colour but not some wanky ltd edition thing...

    can't tell the colour of those sbc ones.

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  • G!RO in Esher are doing an olive green bottle currently

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  • On this topic though, are there any good cages that don't trash your bottle graphics?

  • It's not the cages that rough them up, its the grit that gets between the bottles and cages.

    I have ti king cages which cost like £45 each, bottles still get trashed once the grit gets to them.

  • ^ This.

    I do find it’s a slower process with stainless cages (ti probably similar) but once you get some grit in there your bottle is gonna get scratched up no matter what.

  • If you had a particularly snazzy bottle you were keen on protecting I suppose you could always put a wrap of invisiframe/ helitape over it and protect the graphics?
    Theoretically would increase snugness in cage too?

  • Specialized do a custom water bottle program. I quite like their bottles, was thinking about setting up a design & buying some for a few friends but sadly I don't have enough friends for it to be economical :(

  • Someone was trying to get LFGSS bottles printed once but all that got made was a giant list of people.

  • those look perfect. But why on earth do bidons cost so much £££ ... (plus shipping)

  • I'd buy an LSF one if someone less lazy than me designed it!

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Sweet sweet Bottles / Bidons

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