Mercian Superlight Reynolds 531c.

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  • I have some bikes but nothing British and thought that I must have something and have opted for a Mercian.

    Found this and after a bit of research found that it was a Superlight model currently not made by Mercian.

    Paintwork is in superb condition and have given it a good clean and it sparkles.

    The colour in person is more of a red.

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  • .

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  • Mercian H/S

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  • Lugs

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  • Another

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  • lovely. Headset is a nice touch. Wonder if a dark green brooks would work or be overkill?

  • Thanks @Squaredisk.
    Got a black Brooks for it at the moment, Green saddle could be a bit much.

  • Lovely, what year is it?
    What are you going to build it up with?

  • Quite right. What does that black sticker say on the down tube?

  • nice nice nice. Think the year is coded into the serial number on Mercians, something like
    12889, so 12th frame, Aug 89.
    It's in incredible condition.

  • The last part of the frame number is 86 and from research this looks to be how Mercian dated their frames.

    Unsure on group as its got gran sport cranks, Record inner chainring and Nuovo Record rear mech. I should be able to put it together with spare parts but do need some calipers.

  • The black sticker shows that it was built by Ken Stub ? And a telephone number for M BBO 82### which I reckon could be Middlesbrough and presume this was a local mechanic in a LBS.

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  • Thanks and that should make this frame built in Jan 86.
    I think it was protected with years of oil and grime.

  • If you mail Mercian the number and I think pay them a tenner they can get all the details on it.

  • Love the retro Brit colour combo, and the barber pole seat tube. Excellent.

  • Bangin

  • So nice. Looking forward to this build.

  • That is fabulous.

    Sold my Mercian a couple of weeks ago.

    Now I want another.

  • I keep toying with selling mine. Tend to clean it to take photos then it looks so nice that I change my mind.

  • Have some 36h Super Record hubs and need to decide on which rims to go for.

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  • I've got two sets of NOS tubular rims to choose from -

    Ambrosio Montreal
    Mavic Monthlery pro

    Anyone have experience /knowledge of either rims ?

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  • Love that frame :). Looks exactly the same as the ones I came across from the 60's - 70's......why change a classic design

    I can recall the Mavic rims throughout my riding career and don't remember anything untoward. I used to ride mostly Super Champion so no first hand experience

  • Mock up with a wheel set which won't be the final wheels but just to get an idea of how it will look

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  • Now that's a real bike :). Trademark Mercian gentle fork rake.....class :)

    Can you tell I like it lol

  • Thanks @midlife, I'm really looking forward to completing it.


Mercian Superlight Reynolds 531c.

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