Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • But I'd need to upload all my stuff to Strava I presume? I couldn't plug VV into RWGPS or Garmin instead?

  • You don't need VV if you're not interested in the leaderboards, you can use
    Both VV and SH only work with strava.

  • Is there a way to tag certain rides (either in VV or in Strava) and only show the tiles/max squares for them?

    I am doing some rides with my daughter so want to be able to show her her progress

  • Yes, you can filter.

    On the activities tab you can add a filter by most fields (even Activity Name) and then filter on that. I just viewed my cluster/heatmap filtering on a subset of my runs and it looks correct.

    (It may be easier to have both the List and Map panes open on the Activity tab.)

    Obviously you need to be paying VV the £10 to get it to sync more than 25 activities from Strava, you can't filter on which activities it syncs.

  • If you have something common in the title you can probably filter the activities in veloviewer that way and hence the squares. Probably worth testing ...

    Edit: too slow

  • Ah cool. I was looking for Name not Activity Name. Thanks both

    6 tiles down :)

  • This is why I enjoy tile rides…

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  • Wycombe Air Park?

    Hmm, nope.


  • Nope. Strange that you can get so close to the runway

  • Which extension is this from?

  • Thank you.

  • I'm in two minds about this...

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  • You can have two/n squares of equal size!

  • I see opportunity

  • A few squares N/E of Farnborough are interesting due to the military stuff (including Bisley range) but mostly doable with a bit of planning.

    The stuff in the NE of the square by Potters Bar/etc will only take one or two rides to pick off.

    That'd take you to 36x36 with a bit more work required for 42x42.

  • I bumped into the local 110x110 guy when I drove back from the dog walk park earlier today.

  • Loads of great gravel around Farnborough. Just ask if you want any route ideas.

  • I’ll take some…

  • Me too please - I have some tiles to fill around there and never sure which parts are rideable what with all the MOD stuff..


    Can you see these? I've not ridden them for a few years but they had loads of decent sections. I might have a go at refining them into one ride later in the year.

    Lots of military land that can be linked together nicely along the BWVR and the canals. Swinley, Caesar's Camp, Tunnel Hill, Area 51 etc. Basingstoke canal is nice for a bimble.

    Hit me up if you need any help route planning. Ash Ranges has some great riding too but you just have to check if it's open. I think they have an online calendar somewhere.

  • MOD are setting up fences around a lot of parts but there's always a way in and usually no issues. They're conducting a bit of a land grab by all accounts.

    Caesar's Camp is all open.
    Ash Ranges has firing quite often but has some very picturesque riding.
    Minley had a fantastic XC race route.
    Swinley is a trail centre but also has Barossa which is military but open.
    Pirbright grenade range looks stunning but isn't open to the public unfortunately.

  • MOD
    grenade range

    .. what could possibly go wrong?

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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