Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • Click on the activity (on map or in list) and then "Update activity precision"

  • Right I’ve got it in SH

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  • Does this feedback to VV?

  • Unfortunately not, although you might be able to use it as leverage if you email Ben @ VV. Did SH count the tile automatically, or did it only add it when you updated the precision?

    To be honest I'm surprised that VV is apparently being more finicky in this instance (if you've definitely viewed the details of the ride on VV) - my own examples have all been the other way around.

  • It only updated it when I did the advance option. It’s lucky it’s a road and that the whole width is in the square!

  • Looks like you have a data point right before and right after the tile. That's unlucky :) Like Rod said, contact Ben, maybe he can manually override it.

  • I’ve mailed him 🤞I also wondered if he could do a leader board(s) for single rides.

  • Just heard from Ben, the file will need manipulation. Given this I’ve contacted the two guys who hold the record currently, to ask for their approval. So my fate lies with them.

  • Faaaack so who I thought was current record holder has been usurped it’s now 12*12, fingers crossed same story doesn’t await!
    I’ve messaged the new holder 🤣

  • New UK single ride Max Square record holder.
    13x13!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Nice! Is there a leaderboard view besides­ngle-ride ?

  • Boom! Well done..

  • Nope, that’s what I was going off!! So 13 proved to be lucky as there had been a 12

    Would be good if there was

  • Well congrats again! :)

    Only 6x6 in Belgium, hmm...

  • I've just discovered this thing from a guy at work, and already decided that of all the places to live, Valencia might be the worst. Mountains on three sides with rice fields to the south and the sea to the east. Or in other words, bastard hard to build a decent square!

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  • of all the places to live, Valencia might be the worst


    Some of us live in urban zone 2 so our square is at least 10 squares of urban shit. Take it back!

  • Went out for my first specific tile bagging ride in ages.
    6174 tiles, average of 4.432 mi per tile
    Max square 14x14
    Max Cluster: 546

    6183 tiles, average of 4.432 mi per tile
    Max square 15x15
    Max Cluster: 561

    Nice total increase but was hoping for a bigger square increase! I'm up to 15x19 really so desperately need to grab the offending tile. I was trying to get it from the North today and it's all private and I was feeling a bit ropey after coming across some huge alsations unchained in a yard during some trespassing earlier in the ride. Looks like it should be fine from the South though. Tempted to go back tomorrow.

  • A rare ride window popped up today and I finally summoned up the motivation to go and get 42x42..

    Unfortunately I'm struggling to see myself improving on this much, as I've reached the point where pretty much every ride is gonna need to be a century and will inevitably include several of the tile-baggers bingo card..

    1) Nettles
    2) Minor tresspassing
    3) Boggy fields
    4) Fly tippers
    6) Doggers
    7) Angry dogs guarding scrapyards
    8) Suspicious security guards (fortunately usually glued to phones)
    9) Death trap roads
    10) Dried up riverbeds
    11) Loose horses

  • Wow, you're a big playa in the tiling game!

  • I’m kinda in a similar situation. Have a couple rides planned but after that will be even harder to motivate. Well done though 42 is very good

  • ^^^ that is wild!

    I bumped up to 17x17 today. 1 easy tile to get to 18x18 then I'm going to have to start putting some thought into things. I'll be either delving into the urban sprawn in and around Warrington or up into expanses of hike-a-bike in the Peak District

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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