Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • Yeah I'm kind of wondering at what point it peters out....

  • Still at 27x27 but I've barely done any riding this year. I'm out and about quite a bit so take a bike with me and crack out the odd 30-40k gravel or urban loop. It's good to keep me motivated to give me a reason to ride and I love exploring. I don't really feel like it's cheating but I could see why people might not see it as an entirely pure effort.

  • 32x32 take that Gideon, whoever you may be. Up to second on the LFGSS table

  • I'm hoping that position will only be on temporary loan after I inadvertently 'improved' a GPS trace and ended up with this horlicks... :)

  • Ha are you Gideon?
    Top work either way

  • Nope, I’m way down the chart right now (jim_rm). Correcting that gps error dropped me from 36x to 24x with one click. I ended up recalculating them all to save me getting another nasty shock later on! There were others that put me back to 16x until I did a ‘refill ride’.. :)

  • What’s happening in that lone square?

  • I've never actually been into it, just scraped past it loads of times, but Strava/Veloviewer originally credited the tile as visited because one of the GPS records cut a corner through it (leading me to ignore it for years). VV added the 'tile recalculation' feature to improve the accuracy for these scenarios and it's triggered automatically when you click on a particular activity. It's mainly intended to give people extra 'missing' tiles but inevitably it can remove some too - and that's what happened when I inadvertently clicked on a ride from years ago recently. There's more detail here..­e-calculation-updates/

    ... I guess it's quite common as I ended up with 4 of these examples after I recalculated everything. This Ealing one is just the only one I haven't gone back to get yet (thanks Covid!).

  • Yeah I’ve had that.
    Current aim is to fill inside the M25 so unlikely to go up anytime soon.

  • I've had about 3 or 4 of those blips where I thought I'd ridden through a square but upon rejigging, it turns out I hadn't.

    Nice to discover the LFGSS leaderboards though, I didn't know about that function. I'm very much mid pack by the look of it but on the podium for explorer tiles. Happy with that.

  • Those leaderboards, is it the VV ranking based on Strava clubs?

  • I think so.

  • Just joined the lfgss club for these leaderboards. What's another number to pore over?

  • What am I missing, I can only see leaderboards for overall miles* where are the tiles leaderboards?

    *I'm currently top for yearly miles! just don't tell @Norfolkbound there's a lfgss strava club.

  • There's a dropdown at the top. I thought I was basically bottom of the leaderboard until I noticed it was showing results for 2021... Max square of 4 for this year

  • Ouch, yeah nothing very impressive tiles wise, living right on the south coast and only riding from the front door doesn't help, at least that's my excuse

  • We all have our excuses.
    Slightly regretting mentioned the leaderboard somewhat obviously haha

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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