Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • Statshunters is a gamechanger. With the chrome extension installed, load up the Komoot planner and it almost takes the fun out of plotting routes to nab tiles, it's that easy.

    Also great reporting and filtering for ride data.

  • Do people count exploration by foot? Feels a bit cheap to me, but it would mean I'd get Dartmoor done.

  • I think you make your own rules. Personally I’d want it to be with bike, be that on a boat or walking or whatever.

  • Curse living on the coast next to Dartmoor, got a decent rectangle, but shitty square 16x16.

  • The "rules" state that it has to be self-powered. So walking is fine, and sometimes the only option.

    My own rule or condition is that grabbing a tile must be in done in a proper activity. So not taking my car or a train to get to a spot and walk 2 km or cycle 15 km and snatch up a few tiles and head back home.

  • Oh, I'm happy with counting our weekend walks/wild camps for bits like the open moor, where riding off a bridleway is a c*nt move (imo).

  • Some tiles will feel easier than others, no problem in that. There will always be a bit of competition because the numbers are easy to compare but the main goal of the tiles is still to explore roads/areas where you haven't been before.
    I'm also aware I probably have it easier in Belgium compared to the UK as we have a million roads here.

  • 9000miles of roads in Devon, so I'm ok on that count. Just limited by geography.

  • Any ideas why Statshunters might have different numbers to Veloviewer? I'm currently seeing a slightly higher overall tiles total, a marginally smaller cluster and a significantly reduced max square on SH. Apparently all data has been updated and nothing is private/hidden..

  • The activity line precision is probably the problem. Compare the edges of your max cluster on SH and VV and check if tiles are missing. You can recalculate the route with higher precision by clicking on it in SH and click precision and by visiting the detail view of the activity on VV. See if that changes things.

    Or not all activities are synced. You can check the total numbers on both sites.

  • Nice one, it looks like the former should fix it..

  • Did a ride in the north of France today bringing my max square to 55x55, putting me in 55th position overall on veloviewer. This was probably my last tilehunting ride for this summer season. Got a gravel ultra coming up in september (Gravel tro Breizh) so shifting my focus to that for the next month and after the race I'll need some time off the bike. Maybe I'll pick it back up in October, we'll see.

  • Ooof. Impressive.

  • Amazing work!
    I’m going to focus on it for the next period of time, just chip away at it.
    Up to 24x24 haha first jump in ages!

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  • Nice. Looks like you got a solid base in the north/south direction so a few rides in the east and you're close to 30x30.

  • Yeah that’s the plan. Also want to fill inside the M25 which is doesn’t seem so daunting now.

  • fill inside the M25

    Has been my plan for a while, although I've done nothing over the last 18 months.

    I've done most/all of the SW quadrant and being SW based it's not too bad to fill in the rest, just needs time/effort/application which I'm a bit short of right now.

  • Let’s see your map then.

  • I think this is pretty up to date:-

    Larger country-wide map here:­02.png

  • This is going to be eventful.
    I’m on a train to Gravesend my Wahoo has 4% battery! My phone has a full battery.
    Do I try get head phones for cues or disposal battery for the head unit!?

  • Go to a cafe, chat up one of the staff to borrow a USB charger?

  • Was debating that but went with headphones for time efficiency.
    Not ideal given todays route but never mind!

    As of today!
    7251 tiles, average of 2.957 km per tile
    Max square 26x26
    Max Cluster: 992

  • What’s the fix if the clicking the activity doesn’t work? The GPS hasn’t recorded this very well

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  • I need to get onto this …

  • Looks like you didn't actually cross the line. In options you can get it to show you the grid lines.
    Think you needed to ride further up to Brook farm, all your track points around that island are in the bottom left square.

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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