Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • With you on this. Had an argument on here that took me from upload everything to upload everything, but private.
    Private rides still go across to vv though I think?

  • Was Strava a thing of the nineties and noughties I imagine Martin Amis or Will Self would have written about the person pressing four times start and stop every work day to record commute junk miles.

  • I do consider myself the Will Self of the LFGSS

  • High distance per square probably means you are recording commutes and bombarding everyone on Strava with "Morning Ride" and "Evening Ride"

    Well, yes. But why would you follow somebody if you didn’t want to see rides they do, if they don’t like it they shouldn’t have asked to follow me.

    Anyway I’ve not been doing any squares rides because we’re supposed to be staying local and my definition of local doesn’t mean a 60 mile round trip to somewhere I’ve never been before.

    In other news I’m closing in on a 100k miles on strava. ETA about the end of August I should think. Too many morning, evening rides.

    I should just post this straight to the shit fixie skidder thread, but, less that 3k of that is on a freewheel or gears.

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  • Currently on 27x27. Struggling to figure out how to claim the River Thames tiles, east of Tilbury etc. Anyone managed!?

  • NCN 13 goes through Tilbury and follows the North side of the river for a bit.

    But I guess lots of it (especially the Southern side of the Estuary) is walking/running along footpaths.

    I've got a few tiles by cycling somewhere and then going for a run where it's just not accessible by bike.

    There's a huge number of tiles to get along the banks of the Estuary before you start getting tiles which are 100% water (just south of Canvey Island). Not sure about the Coryton ones though.

    You can always check via:

    Some of them have only 2 or 3 visitors, which generally means they've blagged a way in as a pedestrian or they may have taken to the water in a kayak. You can click on the individual activity links to make a guess at how they did it.

  • It's on my list as soon as opportunity presents!!

  • 6209 tiles, average of 5.107 km per tile
    Max square 21x21
    Max Cluster: 1097

    From 2 months ago.

    6094 tiles, average of 5.105 km per tile
    Max square 18x18
    Max Cluster: 672

    Still enjoying tile bagging. It gives my rides a sense of purpose and gets me out riding and exploring more which I suppose is the point.

  • Best evergreen meme

  • Expanded to 49x49 today. Have to start taking the train to the start or else every ride has to be at least 250km.

  • Impressive!!
    I’m still only at 23x23, putting in a fair bit of effort with little reward at the moment. Today’s ride was great though

  • So my Veloviewer subscription expired the other day, which means it's been about a year since I started tilebagging.

    Tiles: 7243 8587
    Average distance per tile: 4.504 4.570
    Max square: 15x15 27x27
    Max cluster: 643 1224

    Not bad I reckon! I managed to increase my square by four miles yesterday on a weird route around Wakefield. At one point I got a puncture & was repairing it when the field filled with people & two guys took their tops off & started a fist fight. Glad I don't have to visit that area again.

    Some obvious tiles left to retrieve to increase the square up in the Dales, but most are bleak moorland with no paths, or are owned by the aggressively anti-cyclist Bolton Abbey estate, so they may be tricky. Much nicer than riding down towards the south east though.

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  • You can use the heatmap to see how others got certain tiles (if their strava activities are public).
    Might help to route some trickier spots.

  • It's any human powered activity, even walking.

    Rather than fight my way to get to some tricky tiles on a bike I've just cycled near by, gone for a run, and then got back on the bike.

    There's no extra prizes for "all cycling activity tile purity".

  • I've been doing a few tile rides just recently too. No overall square improvement as of yet, just filling in gaps north of Southampton and up beyond Winchester. The goal has been to move my overall square up one, as I was hemmed in by the oil refinery on the edge of the New Forest which I'm unlikely to ever be able to get to, this will let me extend west into the new forest.

    2073 tiles
    47.773 average lol
    20 Max sq
    671 Max cluster

    This is what it what it currently looks like, lots more riding north to be done.

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  • testing VV in tour mode with a few rides from Strava - I cant see what tiles I have bagged - am I missing something?

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  • Click on the activities tab

  • cool, thanks

    total tiles 12
    max square 2

    early days

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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