Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • Ahr valley.

  • Don't know if it is mentioned already but is also handy. I use it to plan multiple rides and keep an overview of future tiles.

    I'm at 45x45 at the moment.

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  • I like that, thanks.

  • I’ve got my square up to 20x20 which is set as my goal before years end.
    Looking forward to getting out east ASAP!

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  • This shit's taken off during Covid times! I'd just like to know if I've ridden certain roads before or not. Memory, bad.

  • Loads of good gravel routes north of Bordon if you're into that.

  • Thanks so much for this.

  • Where are you based? I've probably got something you can borrow.

  • That’d be amazing. I’m in SE4, how about you?

  • I'm in Farnborough or Bentley. Could be an idea to get a train out to either one once everything calms down a bit.

  • Just went for my first tile hunting ride and I managed to get 14 of them. I think that's taken me from 16x16 to 18x18. Seems like a good way to get motivated to ride.

    6094 tiles, average of 5.105 km per tile
    Max square 18x18
    Max Cluster: 672

  • 13.06.20
    1869 tiles, average of 7.965 km per tile
    Max square 12x12
    Max Cluster: 308

    3094 tiles, average of 7.044 km per tile
    Max square 18x18
    Max Cluster: 538

    Bit of work to do to get to 20x20.

    Still don't like heading south.

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  • Bagged a local tile this morning delivering some food to my parents on the bike. The gates to southsea pier were open early this morning so I walked to the end. There are couple of other local squares I can get with a walk at low tide but other than that I’ll have to wait until lockdown is over.

    I’d really got going again over Christmas too, all the shity roads north of Southampton are done and I’ve now got a reasonable route into the new forest which does involve death.

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  • Just check my distance per square, lol. Do you people with low averages just never ride the same road twice or just not up load commutes etc.

    2007 tiles, average of 45.090 mi per tile
    Max square 20x20
    Max Cluster: 607

  • Ok that’d be great thanks!

  • Hahaha 45 miles per tile yeesh.
    Think my low average comes from a few Audax routes and TCR.

  • I’m up to 23x23 and max cluster 692 out along the river covering Rainham etc down to Grays. Stumbled across Eastbury House which was pretty weird in a housing estate in Barking. Also Rainham Steel plant

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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