Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • But if I get the ferry from Southampton I would bag a bunch of squares along Southampton water and the new forest that I’m not going to be able to get to any other way. Given A power stations and an oil refinery. Is that legitimate tactic?

    You shouldn't bag squares whilst on the ferry. The ferry isn't being powered by you and it's supposed to be a "human powered" challenge. You either need to walk/run/cycle/swim/kayak/canoe/paddlebo­ard your way along. Walking whilst on a ferry doesn't count.

    Looking at most of the tiles down there are gettable, and notes that many have been got by ferry trips (which isn't in the spirit of it), although the ones just North of Fawley are marked as "hard to visit".

  • There's got to be some kind of path between Hythe and Calshot.

  • The satellite images around there are cool. What looks to be wind turbine blades laid out in the decommissioned power station.

  • I have a friend who's tile addiction is so overwhelming he once told the security at Coryton refinery he was doing a sponsored ride along the Thames bank for a children's charity just so he could get a tile inside their compound. After much organisation by the security team, he ended up in full ppe and high vis with a personal convoy with 4x4 vehicles with flashing Amber lights in front and behind him whilst he rode through the plant.

    He felt very guilty afterwards and made a sizeable donation to a children's charity. Csb etc.

  • Do you know how collects their data? there is at least one tile (edit: several) that is marked as "no visitors" when I certainly have... several times.

    All of them around Wanlockhead in the Southern uplands.

  • It's only the tiles visited by people who have:-

    • Joined the RideEveryTile Strava group
    • Marked their activities as public
    • Done so before the most recent data grab

    So there will be plenty of tiles that have been visited hundreds/thousands of times but they're just not being grabbed by the scripts that suck the data from Strava.

    There were a few that I knew I'd visited that weren't showing up and, after making the appropriate changes they eventually showed up.

    Looking at the website (bottom left) the last data grab was on 15th May so it's not exactly done frequently let alone automatically.

  • Post on Strava to say that the data on has been updated.

    (Remember it still only grabs tile data from people in the group and who have made the activities public.)

  • Next 3 squarey rides would probably have been the routes round Widnes (21mi), Runcorn (23mi), and Leyland (26mi)

    They weren't. Intended to do it last week, but got scuppered by a dead Di2 battery. Sunday I decided to do it on my fatbike instead: Bolton -> Sale -> Hazel Grove -> Middlewood -> Disley -> Marple Bridge -> Bredbury -> Droylesden -> MCR -> Bolton. Some of the paths were muddy so I was glad I wasn't on slicks, but it was still hard work.­2709

    62 miles, 5h33 moving time, avg 11.2mph. This covered a load of tiles at the southeast of my square so now a few rides near Littleborough, Oldham and Warrington should take me from 24x24 to 27x27.

  • Another three months, a fair few more tiles! Extended a lot south & east from last time, found a load of cool new stuff today out in the flatlands. Getting new tiles is increasingly tough!

    Tiles: 7243 7332 8326.
    Average distance per tile: 4.504 4.584 4.285 miles.
    Max square: 15x15 19x1922x22.
    Max cluster: 643 877 1008.

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  • Good work!
    My only slightly impressive stat in comparison seems to be 2.7km per tile

  • Cheers! That is quite an impressive stat - lots of exploring?

  • I have nothing impressive to say in this thread. I am finding this square hard to get, some of the roads seem to be behind access gates for the airport :-( It is a tile with three runways in it ffs

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  • That looks very tricky!!
    Any ideas? Have you scouted it much??

  • Hmmm, well I thought I had, but actually I just had another look at google maps and it looks easy from the West. I'll go back soon :-)

    The East side of my square I think I have on more that I can get before it starts to get very very wet

  • The tile bagging scene is pretty big on the continent and around those parts, could you see how others have got it from a heatmap or something?

    Pretty sure some the biggest squares are from Belgian and Dutch "baggers".

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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