Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • Still tempted by this since I'm the anti-explorer it might encourage me to use different roads, etc.

    Is it tied into Strava though - there's no standalone upload?

  • nobody can see what I'm doing

    Well, you could post a picture of your map like everybody else. :)

  • You haven’t thought that through have you?

  • In the field I use

  • I'm not sure. It was pre-coffee


  • You can't upload direct to VV then?

  • I don’t think you can, no.

    I think golden cheetah might do some kind of personal heatmap which would show that you everywhere you’ve been within a given time period but I don’t know anywhere else that uses the idea of bagging tiles (or equivalent).

    FWIW, I believe the explorer stats on veloviewer are all still available on free Strava so at least you don’t have to give money to them (only VV).

  • No. VV just scrapes Strava, it doesn't have any upload facility of its own.

    VV works against free Strava (as I don't pay for that and it works fine for me) but you'll need to pay VV the £10 a year for Pro membership otherwise it only scrapes the last 25 Strava activities.

    Well worth it, VV is run by one person trying to make a living out of it, not some wanky Sillicon Valley VC funded "we're hear to change to world (and make the founders multi-millionaires)" bunch of greedy ****s.­ree-vs-pro/

  • Yeah, I don't mind that but I don't really want to upload all my stuff to strava just for another app to scrape it. Would prefer it was contained in VV. I guess that data storage aspect would get a lot more troublesome for VV guy. Maybe I should just start getting maps and doing the highlighter pen thing :)

  • VV does store a subset of the data it scrapes, so he still has a data storage problem to solve.

    My guess is that if he allows direct upload of data to VV then Strava will see it as competing and otherwise against their 3rd party app T&Cs and pull the plug on VV's access to Strava's API. The majority of people that use VV aren't going to start uploading to both VV and Strava and so VV will just lose a huge percentage of its customer base.

  • Planning tile rides with Strava Route Builder and the VV plugin used to be so easy. What are people using now? I haven’t found a good solution yet.

  • You know they've fixed it so it works again in the latest version?

  • I moved to Amsterdam three years ago. Water and Schiphol are not friends of the max square :-)
    I wish I could find out what my biggest cluster over here is, and ignore the UK (without getting rid of all my data)

  • As a newbie can you step by step this...?

  • I'll try..

    Install the plugin in Chrome from here..­l/veloviewer-strava-plugin/kdgpnlmocdpec­kamipkkdblnfcpkgbno

    Make sure you are logged into Strava and VV, then you should see this option in the Builder...

    The plain tiles are those I haven't visited yet - and they turn yellow to indicate that your selected route will 'bag' them..

  • Ah ok great thanks!

  • OMFG, thank you, thank you

  • My home town.
    It wasn't on fire when I left.

    Your route between Congleton and Mac looks like it runs along some of the roads i used to cycle to and from my after school job. Keep an eye out for the milk tankers in the mornings...

  • mind blown, didn't know there was an extension

  • Filter your Activities by date (or perhaps you can do country?).

  • Haha..

    Incidentally, has anyone else tried this...?­1b6-55db-475a-99e9-3f567327e7ce

    .. it's super basic but it does track your progress into tiles accurately. The only problem is I'm unable to add my KML file as my home coordinates are considered 'invalid' despite being input correctly. This means I start every ride with a blank canvas of tiles which limits its usefulness somewhat. The developer thinks it must be a mac specific Garmin Express issue but I'm curious if anyone else can get it to work (as it won't work via my mobile either)?

  • You are a genius,or I am an idiot (or possibly both)

    Thank you

  • Given my location right on the south coast a max square count is hard work given Southampton water on one side and Portsmouth Harbour etc getting in the way.

    It think it’s about time I ride round the isle of wight. Natural I would go to Portsmouth to get the ferry as I know Portsmouth. But if I get the ferry from Southampton I would bag a bunch of squares along Southampton water and the new forest that I’m not going to be able to get to any other way. Given A power stations and an oil refinery. Is that legitimate tactic?

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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