Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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  • Anyone else here signed up to Veloviewer and tile bagging? (not a euph)

    Simply put, the site has divvied up the country/world into roughly 1 mile square tiles and, through Strava, you've got to try and cover as many as possible (in total, in a big square, or in a 'cluster'):­xplorer-score-and-max-square/

    Requires a VV pro account (£10 a year) but it has helped get me out on the bike again and finding new roads.

    Currently got an 11x11 max square, and a max cluster of only 203, but i've got a boat load of tiles (5560) thanks to Audaxing. Just need to start to connect things up and fill in the missing tiles.

  • Here's a snapshot of mine at the moment: 10x10 max square (11x11 with tomorrow morning's extended commute), 203 max cluster but Audaxing has given me a big spread of tiles...

    (Oh, that wasn't updated since I filled in the hole South of Ruislip and North of Eton with a boiling hot 80km ride on Monday).

    First goal is max cluster of 1000.
    Second goal is all tiles within the M25 (probably mid 2019).

  • I enjoy these kinds of things. I do a bit of a different kind of exploring on a smaller scale, just riding all the rideable places in an area, at the moment inner London. But this will be a great excuse to get out and ride new places when I finish my current project.

    Some incredible riding some people do - see the SE England ones!­8/01/10/pretty-clusters/comment-page-1/#­comment-28

  • 1512 tiles
    279 cluster
    9x9 square

    Haven't done many road rides since I bought a van and started doing more mtbing and less commuting and Fondoing, but recently I've gone exploring back lanes to fill in squares.

    When I've been off abroad for polo tournaments in Europe, I've thrown in a few cheeky detours from the digs-courts-pub-digs cycle to sneak over tile boundaries. Got up to 11 tiles in Nürnberg this year.

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    • explorer.png
  • Slightly extended commute to nab two tiles in Hyde Park. I've cycled those roads before but never Strava'd it.

    5562 tiles
    206 cluster
    11x11 square

  • It's addictive, isn't it?!

    843 tiles
    427 cluster
    17x17 square

    I evidently need to get away from my home turf a bit more!

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    • VV map.png
  • I filled in the hole South of Ruislip

    Yeah, the local residents association have been complaining to the LB Hillingdon about filling in potholes. Thanks for your help.

  • I don't expect it to last, it was quite runny.

  • This looks cool. But I CBA at have a Strava account again.

  • Isn’t @fussballclub the main man for this?

  • But not intentionally?

  • Looks like I need to get out and explore more!

    612 tiles, average of 22.481 km per tile
    Max square 6x6
    Max Cluster: 119

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    • Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 15.27.45.png
  • 5653 tiles, average of 5.181 km per tile
    Max square 7x7
    Max Cluster: 243

  • Looks like I can improve my score pretty easily with a few rides, I can see this getting addictive.

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    • Explore2.jpg
  • Not belittleling myself @ydog is the champ (uses a dingy in Norfolk).

  • Excellent. I'll see what I can do in the next year or so, I think 40x40 based around London is perfectly possible in that timeframe.

  • Those 7 pinks will only get you 8x8. There's an 11x11 to be had with its top-right corner at Dun Laoghaire, but you might need a mountainbike.

  • Blue = current, 9x9. To the south is Chat Moss, main features being M62 and Manchester Ship Canal. Bleak.

    Take pink, get 10x10
    Take pink and yellow, get 12x12
    Take pink, yellow and bright green, get 14x14

    Winter hill transmitter is in the middle of that pink area, and it may still be surrounded by fire.

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  • Yea, I only properly figured it out after I posted that. I reckon that 11 contains some terrain that will definitely put the Equilibrim through it's paces.

    I reckon to get any sort of a decent score I'll have to contend with some fires, unriderable sections and angry farmers. I'll also have to become a better sea swimmer!

  • ^^this is only 2 squares off 15x15, surely worth doing? (together with the rest, I mean)

  • Yes, but it'd be 25-30 miles per extra square for those, hard to join them into a ride.

  • Did a quick 20km lunchtime spin and bagged 3 tiles. This feels like Pokemon Go for cyclists! Great way of having little mini adventures, if nothing else it'll improve my woeful navigation skills.

    Also I get to discover new places like the beautiful train station on a beach I found today.

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  • Planned to ride to Southport airshow (80 mile round trip) with two of my usual MTB buddies, but I was riding my Straggler with 29x2.0" Conti RaceKing and 750mm Salsa risers, and they were on carbon frames, drop bars and slicks. Also, the one on the front is about 4 inches shorter than me... Went into the red too much on the hills heading north out of Bolton, so split and went square hunting instead.

    All access closed into the pink area from the roads, but did hit the 7 squares to the North. 35 miles, 2500ft elevation, avg 9.0 mph. Got a load of PRs trying to catch up with the guys, and a few more with a tailwind on the way home.

  • Couple of hours this morning took me up to 3x overlapping 13x13 squares, but it means that one extended commute home next week will get me 15x15.

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Veloviewer Tile Bagging?

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