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  • Anyone on here used the token adaptor for thru axles, for a hamax or other trailer?

    Want to take the trailer out on the back of my gravel bike.

  • Picked up this electric Yuba Mundo last Friday

    Have commuted to work and school two days this week and both to and from work today. Each way is about 16km and I have my 6 and half year old son on the back. Average speed is ~20km/h. It’s been great. My son seems to like it as well.

    Added a Hungry stem bag and have made a front mud flap. I also swapped the stock bars out Surly Sunrise bars.

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  • that looks great fun

  • Thinking of selling my retro MTB frame and upgrading to one of these as I don't trust the bendy frame and forks to carry my chonk of a 9month-old safely. Am I daft throwing money at a 26"/rim brake bike? To me the slightly lower CoG and simplicity of rim brakes seem ideal for this use, plus the wheels I have are pretty much bombproof 36h Son/D121 so should last a while. The only concern is the ongoing availability of decent tyres but I can't imagine they'll discontinue 26"marathons for a while.

  • Other option is to make the Vagabond even more utilitarian, but I don't think I really like the way that rides with flat bars.

  • Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes...

    Fold-down child bike seat to be fixed to a pannier rack. Does anyone have any experience with them and any words of wisdom or brand recommendations? We currently have a Hamax child seat that our tall 4y/o has all but outgrown. It's also a faff to put on/take off every time we put the hosting bike in our bike locker. Going on my partner's bike and generally used for local/slower trips.

    Have found the below but unsure on brands and anything else that should be considered.­or-rear-child-seat­ssic-junior (not pannier mounted)­dget-rear-child-seat

  • Don’t know if this is any help, but I recently bought the Bobike one and the Yepp one you have above as part of a quest to find the right seat for my cargo bike.

    In the end I went with a polisport guppy because it is easier to take on and off the rack, and seemed a bit more padded.­en-s-bike-seat/polisport-bicycle-seat/po­lisport-guppy-junior/polisport-guppy-jun­ior-light-rear-child-seat-carrier-dark-g­-695126/

    But I still have the bobike, and yepp in my ever growing pile of stuff I need to sell. So if you would like to have a look at any of them in the flesh you’re very welcome to. I’m in SE4.

  • I have recently gone from a bobike one to an urban iki. Kids love it. The extra bracket towards the foot pegs gives extra rigidity to the whole carrier construction.

    Real easy to take off ass well. One handed afair.

  • Does anyone have any views on how a child seat could work on a genesis equilibrium? I’ve not carried my 15 month old (about 10-11kg) on a bike before. 28mm tyres too twitchy?

  • Nah 28s are fine, I’ve done lots of kid carrying on 28s. Id try a normal rear seat (e.g. hamax caress) and see how you get on

  • it's totally fine for handling and safety, the only area that deserves attention is curb mounting / pinch flats. on an equilibrium though, depending on year, you could install 30mm tyres

  • Nice thanks. I assume general procedure is to drop the saddle a bit (for me) and maybe swap to flat pedals?!

  • I’ve not done either of those things! Clipped in with normal saddle height.

  • Simple, cheap and effective 😉

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  • Bit of fun yesterday. And no, I’m not riding away from him, he wanted to do this.

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  • Rack mount vs frame mount rear child seats, does it matter what I end up with? Is there a big difference?

    Child trailers- is it possible to hitch to a thru axle bike? Cheers.

    Excellent gif above!

  • Thanks!

    I used a rack mount seat so it was easier to take the seat off when I wasn’t using it.

  • Ah curious, I would have thought that frame mount was just as fast? At least if you leave the mount on the frame permanently.

  • Yeah if you leave the frame mount on then removing the seat is as quick as pressing a button and lifting it off.

  • Posted in different section but figured it might get traction here instead

    Morning! Our 2 kid trailer is fast becoming too small as our 2 boys (3 & 4 ) are lanky string beans. When seated, their heads are touching the roof.

    Any recommendations for alternatives?

  • Could you swap them for 2 smaller boys?…

  • Ah. I thought you had to remove the mount as well. I like the rack because the bike looks normal without the seat.

  • Any chance that a Hamax style frame mount seat would affect pedalling style/rub your legs?

  • Yes

    Well, depends on how massive your kid’s feet are I guess. My eldest has feet like a fucking frog so I’m constantly whacking my heels into her toes. I imagine if her feet were less honkingly humongous then maybe it wouldn’t be such an issue.

    That said, I didn’t fork out for a hamax and bought the Halfords knock off, so maybe the hamax has superior clearance.

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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