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  • I know nothing about child seats....

    Would it be possible/sensible to fit one on a 20" wheel shopping bike, specifically one of these?

    The bike is mine, the child is not...parent of child looking for a bike, I can lend her the kingpin but it's only useful to her if she can put a child seat on it. Child is about 2.

  • Hmm, I'd be slightly concerned about how well those brakes will work with the extra weight/momentum. Not a problem if you're always going slow I guess.
    Other challenges
    -if it's a rack mounted seat then it'll want P clips up top
    -the hinge for folding my not play well with new twisty forces
    -a normal rack will sit quite high/keep the centre of gravity a bit high. I'd look for a rack that's designed for 20" wheels
    -3 speed internal might not be enough gears? Although this could be a plus if it stays in first gear all the time.

    I'm going to put a child seat on a mini velo at some point. Similar bike, but won't fold, will have disc brakes and 10 gears.
    I think the lower centre of gravity will be good for handling and getting things/people in and out of the seat.

  • I've put a Yepp Maxi on my Shopper with each of my three girls (seatpost mount on a basic kalloy post). As psg1ben says, braking is worse - even with less flexy, uprated brakes (Odyssey 2000 BMX ones + alloy rims, not chrome) and the balance takes getting used to, as the centre of mass the child is on or behind the rear axle - but I have 16st mass worth of inertia, so it's not so bad. Will try to dig out a pic. Worth noting that the kickstand won't hold the bike up with a child in the seat...

    Also ran a tag-along for a while with no incident (all the hinges...):

    Tl:Dr - it's fine, but not for everyone

  • Thank you, that's really helpful. Bike has chrome rims so braking definitely a concern, although mum+baby embarrassingly probably weigh less than just me.

    The other option is to lend her the supershopper which has upgraded rims and brakes, but I have a feeling I cut the seat post for my height and she's a bit taller.

    I'll show her what I have and talk through the things to consider.

  • This is the bike that will one day take a seat:­36/

    If the bikes you have don't work out, this one was about £200.

  • Honestly, it’s not a problem loading up bikes with small wheels. Here is OH’s RSW-16 with everything attached. The seat isn’t as high as it looks, just the angle of the picture.

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    • 410BD47C-D3B5-4CB5-8438-7E2370964630.jpeg
  • Still on the hunt for a bike trailer to tow the two little ones around and get some exercise in. Nice set up @Jonny69

  • Ah brilliant, thank you. Those are just stock brakes and chromed steel rims right? And what child seat is it?

    (Also, love an RSW 16!)

  • Here is our set up. I'd planned to use my mason for getting about with the trailer, but its got thru axles on the wheelset, so I've been using my colnago. Did not have this in mind when I built it up over quite a few years.

    Got the hitch adapter thing that token make, but not had a play about with it yet, but if so then might switch up the bikes.

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  • Yep, all completely standard. The seat is a Hamax Siesta. I bought a second mount so we can put the seat on both bikes. Did the same with the trailer hitch but it gets used a lot less than the seat.

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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