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  • Want a yepp maxi? Yours if @andyfallsoff doesn’t eant

  • Already have one..
    thanks though..

  • I'm about to get a new Ridgeback e-Cargo bike (it's been dispatched today) - it looks great, but it's pretty new and there are no real accessories available for it yet, like kid's seating. Eventually I'd like to build a wider box for 2 kids like the MadJax one, and I'd like to do it myself. If anyone has any tips or success stories, I'd love to learn more.

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  • So I am toying with the idea of one of these front mount seat only child seats like fitted on @Verbs_&_Nouns fantastic Dad machine.

    Specifically was looking at the Shotgun for ease of availability and quality. My daughter was 2 last month so just inside the age range of these types of seats but does anyone have any experience of riding with a fearless and borderline wild 2 year old on one of these?

    Seems like great fun and she would love it but obviously no retraints etc etc. She is already 15KG so most front mounts seats are already redundant.

  • Finished my dad bike, very pleased with it, i took junior to the park on it and all he wanted to do was get back on the bike, so it seems he likes it too!

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  • We've just put one on my wife's bike, primarily for our 3.5 year old who loves it. His sister has also had a go, she's 2 in october and was fine, although she seemed keen to take her hands off the bars to play with the bell. Given a little more time I'm sure she would be no problem at all.

    I wish they weren't so expensive as I'd get another one to replace the rear mounted seat on my bike. It seems so much more fun having them upfront, although depending on the size of bike you might find it clashes with your knees.

  • Looking to replace my current carbon frame road bike with a new road bike which I would ideally like to occasionally fit a Hamax child seat with frame mount to.

    As much as I’d love a retro MTB gravel bike style conversion I’m not sure I have the space for multiple bikes so was thinking an aluminium/ti/steel frame that satisfies my road cycling desires (slow and panting) whilst being able to take a child seat for weekend rides to the park etc.

    Is this a dreadful idea with road frames (double/triple butted) being too delicate? Unsure on bike yet but something like a CAAD 12 or a retro steel neo build.

  • I just saw this.

    I really liked the Dolittle seat. My son will be 5 in November, and was fine on the seat. I think because he rides his own bike and was on a balance bike, he was fine on there... on that note, I’m not sure how he would’ve gone on there when he was younger. They are also between your arms, so you have some control over them.

    The only reason I’ve stopped using it is because I have a rack mounted Yepp Maxi because I want to go for longer rides with him. He starts getting restless on there after about 30 minutes. I’d like to put it on another bike though.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Since posting I ordered a shotgun seat only to find out it isn't compatible with the frame I have. I have built up a Dad bike for a bit of fun with an old Raleigh frame and loads of bits out of the parts bin and didn't really appreciate how much distance there was between the top and down tube untill the seat turned up and will only fit with the nose of the saddle touching the stem.

    Looking at the bike now its all in one piece I can't believe I didn't see it earlier. (see pic)

    Instead I have gone a similar route and gone for a Nexxt Maxi and some overly heavy and may soon regret dutch pannier. (Both yet to arrive). So will see how they fit and how we get on.

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  • I had the opposite issue with trying to put the Dolittle seat on my wife’s bike. I had to keep putting it further back on the top tube otherwise it would hit the front wheel, but then our son would be too close to her and not fit under her chin.

  • Shotgun is good fun!

    Kids are naturally pretty cautious beings so if you don’t harp on at them about being careful (about what?!) and focus on Being clear, concise and positive you will have no trouble!

    If you drone on with commands about holding off and don’t let go etc all they hear is let go...

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  • Have been using a repurposed Carerra MTB for dadbike purposes since the build was completed. My daughter is just 18 months and has been enjoying our rides out in the Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini up front mounted on the steerer. She's quite light for her age so don't really notice her on the bike, although the bike isn't the last word in lightweight technology which probably helps limit the impact.

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  • Dad bike 2.0 used for the first time in kid carrying anger.
    Loaded front rack (toddler bag) and jnr in the seat made for a nerve wracking 10 or so mins to begin with as I got used to it. Then all was smooth sailing.
    Need to change the rear sprocket as I’ve only got one gear which isn’t super spinny, but all in all loving it

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  • Converted my On One Inbred to Dad bike for my little one with first spin lined up for tomorrow. Going to second check everything on the bike in the morning again to make sure all tight and sorted and sort out the saddle angle. Think I might need a setback seatpost. Need to get hydraulic hoses shortened but don't have the tools to do it. Hoping I can use the carradice as the baby bag although have thought about a rack on the front too.

  • love it corny, whats the rack?

  • Front is a gamoh king jr, rear is a surly

  • exploring the grav grav with lil CVG, I really like the Thule products

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  • Argh, and to think I zoomed in and tried to work out what that cool kiddie-sized helmet was!

  • For those with the Yepp Maxi’s on racks, how far back can the seat go over the rear axle? The + on the seat lines up pretty much with the hub flanges at the moment.

  • I try and push it as far back as the rack allows, have an issue with heel strike on the lower panels where his foot rests are, so have a bodgit where lbs drilled a hole through the plastic and we strap it to the seat stays to bend it inwards.
    Also if jnr’s too close he likes to touch my arse whilst riding..

  • On my nexxt maxi the limit is officially 10cm. Anything beyond 12cm the front end starts to feel a bit light on my set up.

  • Here’s where mine sits at the moment. Occasionally my heel clips my sons toe of his shoe. It’s bearable.

    I also carried him and his bike home from kindy on it yesterday. That was interesting.

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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