Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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  • No personal experience of either but I recently saw a dad and his 3-4 yo on one of the Kids Ride Shotguns blasting around the singletrack MTB trails at Bedgebury. It was pretty amazing to watch and both were clearly having a blast.

  • Oxford one is shit, heard only good things about shotgun

  • Ha! That's decided it then, everything I've read says the shotgun is great fun. Thanks for the replies.

  • Anyone got a trailer they want to sell?

  • Can anyone recommend a tow bar attachment? I like the look of the follow me tandem but it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

  • I’d love to know too, the Followme looks like it’s in manufacturing right now.

  • And @gingerchris

    I ordered a followme directly from the uk distributor last week. At the time it said pre order for August delivery. Now it just says pre order, but no delivery estimate.

    Haven’t had anything except a generic confirmation of order so far.

    Will post on here if/when it turns up.

  • I have a follow me, still need it for now, and it’s Fantastic! Allows me to use rear child seat, much more stable than the seat post arm things and holds the bike perfectly straight unlike lots of others.
    Sometimes see them on eBay, might be worth a look

  • Even the well-used ones I've seen for sale seem to be going for big money. I guess sellers are aware there's a shortage. All the stuff I've read makes them sound way better than the alternative options, I guess I'll just keep my eyes peeled

  • Even the adapters for different axle types are out of stock until September!

  • I have the Dolittle (as I posted on the previous page), which is similar to the Kids Ride Shotgun. No complaints except my four year old has learnt he can stand up while riding and blocks my vision.

  • I almost bought a gsd but got a Yuba spicy curry instead. I found the steering simultaneously twitchy and noodly, esp w two kids on board. dunno if it was the small wheels, very short reach or geometry. It felt like a great quality bike though.

  • Little bit obscure, does anyone happen to know if the windshield for the Thule ride along mini will also fit on the mount for the Yepp mini?

    Recently picked up a Yepp mini 2nd hand and there’s currently a very cheap windshield for the ride along on eBay, but I’m guessing they’re incompatible, just wondering if anyone has both or has experience of both? Ta!

  • Also, any thoughts generally on car bike racks, tow bar seems like the obvious way to go if you have one (I do), much easier than getting bikes on/off the roof and no where near as much danger of forgetting they’re there whilst entering car parks and the like. Any recommendations? Or is it just Thule > everything else like with most things..

  • Feel like I saw an Omnium Cargo in here with kiddo seat attached. Looked and couldn't find anything (it was probably in the cargo bike thread)
    Anyone seen/got one?

  • They have some examples on their website but it's a small seat (maybe 12 months and under) and rear-facing.

    I looked into an omnium as a way to cart my 3 year old around but I wasn't convinced in the end

  • I feel like the one I saw on the forum could've handled a bigger kid. Maybe it was a DIY setup

  • Yess the modified trailer, perfect cheers!

  • ah yep. i think my objection was rear-facing (again) and the fact that it took up the whole carrying space

  • Lbs, just finished putting together dad bike 2.0, which will be used for kid carrying purposes and light shopping, as well as commuting (if I ever go back into the office) until specific light/fast commuting bike gets built.
    Been out on it for the last hour and apart from the odd rattle feels good and solid.
    Need to swap out the saddle for a concor, and that’s it..

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  • Looks purposeful. Have you set it up as a singlespeed with a tensioner?

  • Yeah lbs recommended it since surly have weird dropouts and it means you don’t have to tension the chain everytime you remove the rear wheel.

  • Giving up on the idea of a followme tandem for now given their limited availability and I've found a trail angel for sale locally.

    It looks like it connects to the wheel nuts on the front of the kids bike, but my daughter's Squish 14 has a nutted axle with domed hex nuts. Does anyone know of any kind of adaptor I could use that would work here? I've seen the followme m6 adaptor but it's out of stock everywhere.

    Edit: turns out it comes with an adaptor for QR axles that fits fine, so no further purchases require

  • I’ve been using the Thule roof racks for a few years now with no issues. I constantly have to remind my wife the bikes are on the roof, and she can’t lift hers up on there... on that note, we have a Skoda Octavia wagon and the cost of the towbar and related rear rack was insane compared to the Thule roof racks.

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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