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  • I'm tempted by a Tern GSD as it's the best dad / cargo bike I can get my cycle to work supplier. Has anyone ever bought one?

  • my cx bike has been re purposed for the last few months as a dad bike, but the low front end/drop bars is making it not very sociable or that comfortable to ride...

    So two options, either i put short stem risers and convert it to a flat bar road bike or buy a cheap hybrid type thing..

    i just tried a mock up but the rival brake levers wont clamp onto the moustache bars i have in the parts bin and they are not ergonomic for use either, so some money will need to be spent either way...

    so, for the conversion, sram s Series shifter is the obvious bit, but not sure what i need to do about brakes as the sram versions seem super expensive, and a set of risers. but the negative of this hen means the conversion back to cx bike/winter bike is a bit of a no go..

    hybrid wise, it needs rack mounts, mudguard mounts and hydro discs, there seems to be plenty about for a bout £300 on ebay, less so at a price point that competes with conversting the cx bike further...

  • Might be totally not what you’re into but have you considered le petit porteur?­t-and-affordable-cargo-bike/

    I want one and I’d try and build it up with some Alfine di2

  • What SRAM derailleur, no. of speeds and what brakes?

    It works easiest when you can lift off the entire bars/shifters/brakes/cables as one and put the other set directly in place. That’s why I chose Rival 10-speed and X7, because they’re cross-compatible.

    If you choose to get another bike, I’d recommend go rigid frame mtb over hybrid. The stiffer frame and bigger tyres make it far more stable and comfortable.

  • So a bit of coke can shim’ing has resulted in something workable...

    It’s rival 1x hy rd

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  • First blackberry picking of the year today. Please does anyone have a skateboard deck lying idle and/or stoker bars?

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  • search for "RAM 1 1/8 Inch Ahead Stem 35 Deg - 31.8mm Clamp - Black - 180mm", shim that onto the post and add any bars ya like!

  • ive got birch ply and a jigsaw if you’re way out west (maidenhead way) can cut you what you like...

  • dad bike project maarches on, ive got bar, grips, gear shifter and a chunkier rear tyre on route, just waiting to see if i can win some sram level brakes cheap on ebay...

  • Mum bike project was super easy. The wife needed a new bike anyway, so a gazelle van stael, and a copilot seat with blackburn racks. Have the same rack on my workhorse genesis so can put the daughter on the back as well, although the usual deal is I fill the panniers with supplies and sit at the back so when I hear the random chattering of a 2 year old I can cycle onto the wheel and respond, usually with a banana.

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  • Nice one dude, I tried putting a 1/8 stem onto the post and didn't fit seemed the post was too wide. Might have to go oem with the stoker bits but would be a shame as I've got bars and grips.

    @Sainsburys_Ed thanks for the offer dude I have tried and failed to fashion a seat out of bamboo tied together, daughter said it was way more uncomfortable, bit far from maidenhead as I'm north London but appritate the offer, was going to purchase this deck for the rear but wanted to have a trail run with a deck first, I don't think yuba are currently selling the deck for the kombi but looks like some people have had joy with cuts of flooring.

  • why does it need to be a skateboard deck..

    pretty sure if you went to a timber merchants or somewhere like a jewson with cutting services they'll sell and cut you something to size for a few quid if it doesn't have to be a skateboard!

  • Fair point dude was probably just getting carried away tbf! Just thought it would be good fit and comfy.

  • Sorry didn’t mean to rain on your parade....

    My basic project to make mine a little more comfortable is coming together, although my wiggle order got delivered to the office... so I either need to go and work from the office or do a round trip all the way just to pick up a parcel....

  • anyone have a hamax in decent nick they want to get rid? can exchange for yepp mini if needed ..

  • Woah woah woah there big fella. I thought you...? THIS IS HUGE!!!

  • Dad and Grandad bikes in convoy last weekend for some camping. Ace.

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  • Yep.
    We have two and our eldest is now over the weight limit and can ride for far enough

    It's tatty but functional.
    You can have it for a beer.

  • you are in SE arent you? I need to see if it will work on my bike, can I come over and give it a quick go?

  • ha! why do you think I bought a cargo and e-Bike? :P

  • Not sure if I’ve posted this. The Dolittle seat is great for my four and a half year old, but I want something we can travel further on, maybe do very short overnighters on (home > train > ride > my parents and return, about 34k’s). The current seat is good for maybe 15k (for both of us). Looking at maybe a Yepp maxi, or even a Wehoo so he can relax if he wants. Concerned he’ll grow out of a Yepp very soon. He’s also riding a pedal bike, so I think he’ll like the Wehoo. I’m also toying with the idea of getting a Clydesdale fork for it.

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  • Hamax Siesta can tilt back so your kiddie can sleep and it stops their head lolling forwards - I’ve actually never remembered to tilt it back when mine has fallen asleep though! Only issue with a seat, obviously, is there’s no weather protection like a trailer.

  • I’m not too concerned about the weather protection. We’ll only be doing fair weather riding.

  • One final piece to arrive (clamp of the gear shifter) jumped the gun on the wiggle delivery as I’m stupidly impatient so 80% built..

    Will either need to buy a bleed kit or ask lbs to cut reroute and bleed brakes but they are functional for now...

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  • I'm looking at getting a front seat for my 4 year old for school runs. It's between the Oxford little explorer and the kids ride shotgun. Has anyone used either of these? I'm leaning towards the shotgun even though it's more than I planned to spend.

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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