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  • I did wonder whether the flag would have much impact, and if that impact would be positive. Tbh, I'm pretty sure the only reason it has reduced close passes is because it's a physical object and most car drivers would be more worried about damaging their cars than they would be keen to punishment pass a cyclist. I have thought about tipping it with a spiky spike just to ensure that anyone who does come too close ends up with a lovely scratch in their paintwork as a reward, but that's probs going a little bit too far down vindictive street.

  • I've also considered a sticky out thing with a little wire brush on the end. Generally while I'm getting close passes.

    Not something I could actually bring myself to do though

  • I really rate the kids stuff from Decathlon. It's good value and generally pretty good kit.

    It helps that there are a few decathlons around now as well but I've ordered online without any drama

  • Quite a few different rear seats on this thread. What do people recommend? I'm currently finding the front WeeRide all good, but Mr Cheesewheel doesn't get on with it.

  • We like Thule Yepp Maxi.

    Easy install and good quality (except rusty bolts)

  • I liked my Topeak so much I bought a second one second hand for wife’s bike and my mate who has his own bike shop bought one even though he doesn’t stock them. Mine is 4 years + going strong

  • I found that the Thule looks best but annoyingly my daughter loves the far uglier hamax. How she can prefer the ugly one astounds me, it's like she doesn't understand bikes at all...

  • Hamax works great here. The Siesta or whatever it's called which can tilt works really well for swapping between two bikes with significantly different tube angles, e.g. swapping between seat tube on the back of a bike to the vertical steerer tube on the front of my cargo bike.

  • I've got a Copilot Limo that mine have outgrown if you are interested?

    Got it 'on here' with a Blackburn rack included

    It was good whilst it fitted, even protected my daughter when I misjudged my footing and couldn't keep her upright. She still asks me why I dropped her! Mainly poor balance and weak upper body, for the record

  • Polisport Guppy for me, a rack mount job. Very quick to fit and kids send fine in it

    Also have a GMG classic type seat for my smallest one to go in when the time is right

  • Possibly. Where are you based? I'm Not-London anymore, but back every few weeks for work.

  • E10, happy to travel if it helps

  • Ah, I won't be in London til mid-Sept now, so don't reserve for me as I'll probably get something sorted before then. Thanks though.

  • OH spotted this monster trike in Egham. Haven’t seen one of these before. Looks like it has rear steer (!) and electric assist.

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  • Just tested this on the swimming baths run, less wobbly than the charge plug it's replacing so happy as.
    Ready for bigger adventures, :-)

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  • My little one has outgrown the Yepp Maxi so I'm looking for something the next size up to mount on the back of my longtail cargo bike. Does anyone have any experience with anything like the Yepp Junior or Bobike Junior?

  • I wouldn’t risk it on my GT though as the alloy is just too thin.

    Uh, that’ll teach me to read back through the thread. But 2000-era aero frame and wheels with questionable spoke strength are fine on a rough muddy towpath with a 12kg child on the back though, right?

    Took this out in dadmobile guise today because of enforced WFH during the Covid-19 outbreak. The normal handling is just what I’d call twitchy, but with a toddler hanging out behind the back axle I’d describe it as ‘a bit of a handful’. Shit my pants a couple of times when I thought we might end up in the river!

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  • just found this thread, this was our wagon for baby number 1, ended up selling when I was broke (the surly not the baby) on the lookout for a replacement as baby numbero 2 is now 6 months, yepp seat was okay but had a tendency to cause occupant to slump when zzzz

    man so many fun times on this

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  • The Hamax's of London are getting some use this weekend.

  • You can now watch motherload on demand :

  • I have a Hamax that I picked up on the forum a few years ago that I'm no longer using. If anyone on here wants it, lemme know and you can pick up (contactless obvs) from Peckham.

  • Ours

  • New stem and basket bag.

    Obviously kiddo seat was removed...

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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