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  • Happy rides @maynardeames! That long wheelbase must feel really stable when strolling along, even when loaded up. Reminds me of the Big Dummy which seams to be a go to family bike as well.

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  • You're winning at the bike game.

  • I don't have a storage unit so mine lives outside and since I'm paranoid about it getting stolen I always lock the frame up to something else with a kryptonite fahgettaboudit chain, a kryptonite evolution u lock through the back wheel and seat stays and even the cafe lock. Everything can be nicked and I think that just the chain would be enough but if someone is gonna steal it I want 'em to at least work hard for it. I also have a hidden gps on it because a) it's my main form of transportation for nearly everything, b) my daughter loves the bike and even thinks/says that it's her bike and finally because c) fuck you bike stealing scum.

  • That looks like a really good in between from a child car seat to the Bullitt sold fold down one.
    How is it securely mounted to the bike? Photos/manual appreciated.

  • Posted on the Bullitt thread a month or so ago, here's our kid mobile.
    Swapping the leather seat for a proper car seat shortly.

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  • Hidden gps you say? I was wondering if this could be done.

  • It's just strapped onto the frame with the blue webbing. Quick, easy and cheap. Below is the most elegant solution I've seen online. The dude bought some extra fastening mounts for his stroller seat, made custom brackets and attached them to the bike frame in order to install/remove the seat in a matter of seconds. Pretty smart and functional.

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  • All the locks. Nice. Yeah it sounds like they'd make enough noise to get disturbed. Hidden GPS sounds like a great idea too.

  • These two dorks enjoyed nursery pick up! Orange gringo with pizza rack and wald basket which was easily carrying some bolts I’d just got, 6 beers from beer shop, 2 nursery bags, milk and a panda

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  • When I really want sore knees I add on a double trailer full of stuff

    Just looked at date of this, this is 25th Feb, amazing that 2 days later there’s a photo of me in knee deep snow in crampons in same area!

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  • My kid-carrying commuter, together we do 40 miles each week plus perhaps a bit at the weekend.

    Still trying to work out what to do with child #2, right now if I want to take both boys out then we need myself and the wife on her bike to transport them both, and carrying things like their own bikes along etc is a problem.

    We have been considering something like an Ute or similar long bike. I think the main thing stopping us is the fact it's tricky to find something both the wife and I can ride, as she's rather short and I'm rather tall.

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  • Trailer or another child seat mounted to the tt maybe?

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  • I've only ridden with a trailer once, out in the 'burbs, and I never felt too comfortable with it. I find it hard to imagine I'd really want to ride one through the inner city regularly, even a short distance out to the canal bike paths.

    A secondary issue would be that it's not so easy to get on regional trains with that sort of bike/trailer, it would be hard to use for cycling trip. I have similar thoughts about cargo bikes and getting them away from the city.

    I suppose though in those cases I/we do have other bikes that could be used and perhaps it's best to accept no bike can do everything.

    As #2 just turned 2 I'd see a top tube seat as a very short-term solution, but yeah I've been considering it as he'd definitely like it.

    I think what most appeals to me is something like a Yuba bike. I followed one through town this morning actually and thought it looked quite nippy and quite short with good handling. Claims to have quite some adjustability in the seat-post department. Reach would still be a problem though if both my wife and I were to use it.

    And it looks like you could probably use it day to day and get away for weekends, that + kids + heavy stuff, then wife + other luggage on her bike.

  • Front wheel angle and rider's facial expression lead me to wonder if that really went as planned.

  • Mine.

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  • So real pro's on this thread. I feel very inadequate with my basic set up!

    Number two can nearly sit up so we are currently musing on how to carry two.
    A Bullit with box, seats and cover is what we really want, but I'm not sure we have the space for it or the cash for it.

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  • Kona ute is my "normal" people alternative to a bullit! or a tern GSD :')

  • The only thing that could have saved it would be the long wheelbase otherwise it would be a 8 person pileup. Just imagining the crying and whining after a crash like that gives me a headache!

  • this is great. love those bars.

  • newest incarnation here. prefer the drops to the previous flat bar set up. This is dad bike mk4.

  • This was dad bike mk 2, now long gone.

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  • My Other half’s machine!

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  • My Workcycles bakfiets fits both me (6'5") and OH (5'7") fine; it's got a QR seatpost clamp so can adjust in seconds. I think the main trick to fitting folks of different heights is using an upright position, so the reach doesn't change much between the two.

  • This is my bullitt copy, i found an old steel frame and made everything from the seattube forward, now with pedal assist as we have some killer hills in devon. Regularly have our twin boys in it, first time was when they turned 11 months old. Oh and a big trailer for even more stuffz

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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