Mom/Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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  • Cheers. Does that mean the seat turns with the bars? Handlebar manoeuvrability seems super tight otherwise.

  • Yes, the seat turns also.

  • What's the weight limit of the front mounted bike seats as compared to rear seats?

  • What's the kid seat attached to?

    remove stem spacers and attach this bracket.

    Does that mean the seat turns with the bars? Handlebar manoeuvrability seems super tight otherwise.

    yeah, seat turns with bars, but realistically you are not doing bar spins or tail whips with your 10kg toddler seated there :)
    more than enough manoeuvrability retained for gravel trail and loamy singletrack

    What's the weight limit of the front mounted bike seats?

    the one I have (Thule RideAlong Mini) has a 15kg weight limit

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  • Very nice bullitt and box !
    I would be interested if you have some pictures of the isofix car seat installation in the box.
    And how do you find the plastic box with the baby ? No interest in a wood one ?

  • I love this.

  • isofix

    idk if @RunRabbitRun did this, but as an fyi you can buy isofix kits for cars on aliexpress:­Id=0&initiative_id=SB_20190712004610&ori­gin=y&SearchText=ISOFIX+

    Not sure if I'd use it on a car, but they could prob be modded for a bike box.

  • Thanks for the idea, I allready buyed a second hand isofix base which can be fixed by the belt or the isofix system.

  • Thank you!

    The Isofix base was built by my other half, some 2.5mm wall 25mm box section, a mig welder and a bit of swearing!

    Its just a frame that bolts to the holes in the crossmembers of the cargo deck. we have the plastic box sandwiched between the frame and the crossmember, there are two hooks that the isofix front rails on the underside of the seat go under, then the other rail is bolted down under a couple of tabs that fix to some rivets in the frame. hopefully that makes sense! currently everything is in site, I'll post some pics when we next take bub's seat out.

    Its all very sturdy, we'd never dream of putting our little one in there if it wasn't.

  • Saw this dynamic duo going up La Planche des Belles Filles

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  • And this nice setup in Saumur

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  • This has brightened my morning

  • Riding with your kid(s) is one of life's great joys

    It makes simple things like popping to the shops to get stuff far more fun. The only problem is the extra weight on the bike!

  • She was so cool. Gave me a wave seconds after.

  • Trying to picture this being ridden. I assume there’s 2 cranks at the front so a kid or adult can ride but if using the furthest cranks, would the others not get in the way?

  • Not if you remove the "kid pedals" I guess.

  • This is rad, but looking at it makes my head hurt

  • I guess the pedal stroke will be in line with the pedals

  • I assume the kiddie cranks would be removed for adult use.

  • Ooh. That tag-along for a proper bike thing looks like what I’m after for holidays this year. I saw a trail gator with a ridiculous lean the other day, which put me off. This looks much more stable. Anybody got any ideas what it is / where to find one?

  • It's a Peruzzo Trail Angel

  • Ace. Ta very much. Great pic.

  • I think it’s like a Bilenky Viewpoint where you’ve got the tandem setup with the captain in normal riding position and stoker in recumbent and I’m sure I’ve seen this on a bike where you can convert the front to kiddy friendly by adding the second (third) set of cranks on the front in a shortened position. That mounting point also lets you take the front cranks off completely and put a kiddy seat on instead, or a front rack like an Omnium.

  • Anyone had any issues with the hamax or similar seats that attach to seat tube in aluminium bikes, namely the Pinnacle Arkose as one has dropped up on the classifieds

  • We use one, kid is still alive, no drama

    Worse catastrophe was when one of the old brackets decided releasing the seat was terrible idea and clung on to it until I smashed it to bits.

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Mom/Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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