Mom/Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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  • I have a cheapo trailer for two kids and it’s great. Not sure why anyone bothers with cargo style bikes for hauling kids tbh.

    The Thule version looks sleeker and has a smoother hitching coupler but not much difference I can see really. They will inevitably take a battering so not worth a grand imo.

  • Which one do you have? Am looking at one myself....

  • Not much help I am afraid as I am in Sweden, but I have this one:­daxl-2-i-1-barncykelvagn-amp-gavagn-svar­t-och-rod?utm_source=vidaxl_shopello&utm­_medium=price_comparison&utm_campaign=se­_webshop&utm_term=8718475573067&utm_cont­ent=Sporting_Goods

    An equivalent from Halfords or somewhere would be probably be good. If you find the Thule on sale I’d get it.

  • I never replied - thanks for this btw

  • My wife’s sled and mine (in some progress after accident - spare wheel, no fenders atm and still thinking if frame is ok to ride with a dent in downtube.
    I actually today tried for the first time this kinda saddle after using trailer for 4years. I think it’s horrible! Anyone can say if attaching it directly to the rear rack would help with the swing? And I guess I need to do it ghetto style since i didn’t see option for hamax kiss saddle to have rack adapter.

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  • Cross-posing here from the cargo bikes thread - does anyone here have a Thule Chariot trailer they can measure the diameter of the ball on the trailer hitch? Ta

    Mine is 28.6mm ish, which I reckon is 1 1/8”

    Can confirm that the Thule Chariot has a 28mm-ish ball

  • Loving this thread

    I have three dad bikes at the moment

    My Arkose commuter has a rack and I have a rack mount seat for it. Can also have someone sitting on the rack for short trips. Has been used to a tow a double trailer many times too

    Brompton has an IT chair, fantastic dad bike. Can jump on the tube or lob it in the boot. Really underrated but hard to pedal when they get older

    Surly big dummy. Better for the older kids and generally getting around without too much faff. Long though, and quite wide. Will just fit between the restrictions on the cut through near me, I use the cut through a lot

    First two are able to be carried in or on the car so have been taken on holidays.

    Third is too big for that but it's also my plan to not getting a second car

  • Sold it sorry but it had the old hitch anyway

  • looking sweet!

    Unfortunately the rack helps about 3%! the issue is the kiddos weight is too high..

    I have just moved to a double trailer and its immensely better!

  • Thanks. I tried today with a rack and it does help a bit but not much as you mentioned.
    Back to basics.

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  • So I never replaced my tourer and we're moving out of town to a house with an actual garage at the end of the year. We're considering a cargo bike (with electric cheating help as Edinburgh is hilly) to shove the kids etc in.

    Any thoughts?

    The Babboe City-e is looking tempting..­y-electric

  • It feels a bit like an actual cargo bike will have better (easier?) resale. If you're looking at bikes that big I'd consider a Bullitt or similar low front with a box, then your secondhand market is opened up to couriers as well as families. I think the families market is much smaller.

  • Here's ours. I got this as a bit of a surprise Christmas present for the husband before our bub arrived and she's here now, so the pooch is going to hop back in her trailer and go at the back of the non-Bullitt for family rides. Isofix car seat has been fixed into our bucket with some workshop magic. Him indoors made a custom stem for it too, to save my poor back from the pain of overreach.

    Just got to cut our new decals so it's an Oat Milk Plus. Fucking vegans eh?

    Fingers crossed these pictures work. I always get this wrong...

    edit: NOPE. Hell if I can get pictures on this forum!

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  • Nice! Probably want one with a canopy but there is an appeal of the more functional boxes

  • Is that a weather vane?

  • It's vile.

  • Designed especially so your child crashes first...

  • The Mombike. Shown here with all load carrying accessories fitted.

    This started as a Freecycle Raleigh RSW about a decade ago. The original owner donated it after I put out a wanted ad and he’d had it since new in 1967. I genuinely felt bad taking it at the time, but it’s been a really loyal bike and done a lot of duty in that time. 5 years as a station hack for me, another 5 for my OH since we moved here plus weekly shopping and occasional London trips. Now it can carry up to 3 kids plus shopping!

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  • Absolutely insane! I love it. This is what I love about bikes and how adaptable they are... those RSW’s are lovely to ride! :)

  • Someone else rocking a siesta. The wee man can fall asleep in under 5 mins if he's looking tired!

  • my Marin Pine Mountain in toddler mode, with Thule seat and Soma Clarence bars for a more upright position... offspring loves it

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  • Looks lovely. What's the kid seat attached to?

  • Excuse butting into conversation - but probably stem adaptor, as below:

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Mom/Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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