Mom/Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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  • Added a basket on to my kid carrier.

    Hitting the age & weight limit on the back seat now for boy #1 which is a bit of a pain, boy #2 is too small really for a 5 & older bike seat.

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  • any other hamax users find the seat can be stubborn when you attempt to remove it from the mounting bracket?

    betraying my lack of maintenace knowledge here but should i use grease or gt85 to help it along a little?

  • There is a knack. It takes a bit of practice.

    I found that it helped to lift the seat a bit before trying to remove it, so it pivots more forward in the bracket. (not sure if that makes sense)

  • It’s a bit of a wiggle, if you got the bike stable, one hand on the seat and one on the rails down by the bracket it’s easier

  • I hold it by the buckle that sits between the legs and lift it with that while pressing the release. I imagine it’ll probably break if I keep doing that though.

  • Cold mornings now! Little human ready to shred through. Added a front guard, going to need to splay this out with a heat gun! 😂

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  • Got to move this on if anyone’s interested!

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  • This is an impressive bit of kit- the kids call it the AA tow van. Let’s me tow eldest while he gets used to his pedal bike and have youngest on seat. Much better, more stable ride than a tag along arm which I often see leaning at alarming angles whilst going in a straight line.
    Heavy. Expensive. Totally worth it for us!

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  • @Tallboy
    Thanks for posting this! Think I'll be getting something like this for our boy...

    He has a 14" Cnoc and bombs around on it with ease, but towing him will certainly help us cover distance so we can get to the good stuff quicker as he's easily distracted! :)

    How much does it move about on a bike once it's hooked up/not in use? Thinking about some low-key mountain biking with the little man... :P

  • This was mine, used mainly for creche runs 5 mins down the road. Then I'd leave the seat in creche and commute the rest of the way to work.

    I now live on the side of a mountain and the young lad weighs 20kg so i've resorted to dropping him in the car and coming home and getting my bike.

    I miss it though, he loved it!

  • Got a very useful rack adapter to sell!

    Comes with bolts.

    Steco -rrp £25

    £18 posted.

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  • I want to add a small pouch for hats/waterpoofs on to the back of my hamax seat. Nothing bulky, some mesh would be ok, but has anyone tried something like this before?

  • Which one have you got??

  • Great idea. I may copy this.

  • hamax caress

  • Sorry just saw this, it’s rock solid, our school commute is mild mountain biking and it handles it fine
    Weighs a fair bit and costs a good chunk but there isn’t another solution that’d work for me with the seat too

  • Does anyone want the inserts for a trailer that let you carry a baby then a toddler? Good price, lightly used!

  • Thanks @Tallboy will chat to wife as it looks like a good addition to our stable of bikes! :)

  • There was this Bullmoosebar with a weird 21mm quill in my parts bin. And now that the cargobike is electrified i don't care hauling around my 8 year old daughter sometimes. She loves it.

  • @AngusMacGyver LOVE IT! Like seeing how this bike is progressing/changing. What a beast. Love the bullmoose bars and storage box/seat combo... :)

  • Nicely done man! Did you use a Bafang mid motor? Double purposed storage box/seat is a nice touch.
    Get some better pics up.

  • My much beloved tourer-turned-dadbike was written off in an accident November (fortunately not while carrying the wee man) and now I am unbroken enough to contemplate a replacement in earnest. I have £1500 from insurance for the old bike, but am hoping to spend < 1 k£ and put the remainder in the savings towards something a bit sportier (as multi week camping tours aren't on the agenda for a few years...)

    Duties will be commuting, shopping, child ferrying and occasional faster riding. Must be compatible with a Hamax seat tube clamping seat!

    I'm thinking a basic tourer but not feeling the love from anything I've seen online. Suggestions?

  • What about an arkose?

  • Hey all
    I'm selling my dad-mobile, has been in use hauling my boy in an hamax smiley to and from nursery and then school.
    PM me if you're interested. I'm in Birmingham but I'm sure we can arrange something.

    More photos:­8PA

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  • Swapped out the baby seat to put on something for kids five and up to find my super tourist dx has cracked. Oof.

    Any good options for heavy sprog loads?

    Ideally I want something that sits a bit higher too as I can't get a mudguard under the super tourist.

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Mom/Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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