Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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  • Thanks to @dt for the inspiration, I picked this up on Friday to start my dad-bike project

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  • was that the one on gumtree? Nice, i'm jelly. Now get / make some sort of xtracycle hooptie thing

  • yeah that's the one. I picked up a yepp maxi off ebay yesterday so will get that fitted and get cruising asap

  • Cheeky upgrade for Kevin! Just a cheapo front light to keep us out of trouble in the evenings!

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  • Things are taking shape, anyone got advice on platform size, thinking 800x550mm?

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  • The bottom of my box measures 730x600, obviously its longer at the top because of the slope. I dont think id wanna go much wider than 600

  • Thanks will take that on board, probably go for 750x560mm cause need to get this in the cave

  • New dad wagon seat picked up for cheap, old but mint. Had a nice ride earlier with noises of excitement at 37mph!

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  • Aero kid helmet. Gainz!

  • We went out for our first ride on the Mundo today. I was expecting ‘faster, faster’ but I got ‘please be careful/don’t fall off the road/ don’t go too fast daddy.’ I guess it’s good to know she’s careful at least

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  • first 'three up' ride on the Bid dummy at the weekend - glad I installed an electric motor! bafang BBSHD is brilliant

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  • tidy!

    which front rack?

  • Old Man Mountain - don't think this one is available anymoe - never used it yet!

  • Why the lack of bakfits trikes in this thread? that was my next planned move after I've shifted the MTB and trailer

  • We have one of these

    and apart from the fact that my girlfriend likes and it takes you from A to B it's utterly shit. It's heavy, flexes a lot and requires a monumental effort to get anywhere. It also feels like it's about to fold in half as soon as you turn it.

  • Where do you keep it? Needs its own parking space no?

  • Great Stuff - I'm after a Hooptie for my Dummy - where did you get yours from ?

  • Shame to hear, thats what I was thinking of. A dad at my kids nursery has an electric one and uses it all winter, which is impressive because northern Sweden. But now I am thinking the battery might die in minutes here.

  • I think it's this particular make / model. If you google it there's a lot of negative reviews online

    A friend of mine has this and claims its good. He's in Sweden too, not the north though­ngar-224229/babboe-curve-e-sverige-editi­on-648143

    I've had our Bullitt through one winter and it's great through slush as it's long and heavy, it just plows straight through stuff a normal bike would struggle with. On packed snow / ice it's as slippery as anything else though.

    I wonder if you can drift with an electric 3 wheeler? That could be fun :)

  • Thanks. It was from practical cycles I think. The electric motor is a godsend if you are carrying children as well

  • We've been running the bobike one maxi for two years on the seat tube mount - I think the seat itself is good - I like the raised sides for them to feel a bit more enclosed and the buckle is quick to use and feels v. secure but the mounting irritates me - the seat tube mount is v. bouncy and also now wiggles from side to side a bit. There is also a fair bit of play in the metal flange which ultimately stops the thing tipping back. So when riding sans kid - the whole thing wobbles and squeaks a bit. There is no backup loop around the seat post either which i notice is included on the new model and just seems a bit of a no brainer in the first place.

    Im looking at the Thule Yepp nexxt Maxi as a replacement - anyone got a verdict / recommendation ?

  • Issue is there is nothing stopping it moving... we have a bobike on the brompton, and with the Milan adapter there are two hooks to stop it moving side to side etc!

  • Thanks -I can't tell but is this the Thule yepp nexxt maxi (on the Ute ?) if so how do you find the blue twisty knob mounting situ - also the magnetic strap clips - i am weary of anything that doesn't involve allen keys !

  • On our ute we have the Thule/Yepp thingy, mounted to a railed base, the blue knob works perfectly, its super snug and going nowhere, especially as its locked on and I cant find the key... I have a few years until it needs moving for the second littlehuman to ride ...

  • Longer steerer in the tandem stoker stem and my little human has some bars!

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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