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  • There's a lot of us that have opted to build a dedicated bike for our little bundles of joy instead of buying/using a car. There are a ton of different options, ie front or rear mounted child bike seats, bike trailers, cargo bikes, ride alongs etc. This is a thread for all those bikes; regardless if you own it or found a cool example on the net, post it here. Feel free to post DIY options for boxes, seats, harnesses, canopies you name it, including troubleshooting and solutions for when it's too hot or super cold and ideas to make the ride more comfortable/enjoyable for them (and yourself). You get the idea!

    I'll get the thread rolling with a couple of pics of my Bullitt which does the job perfectly and brings a smile to my daughters face.

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  • Would love a bullet. Couldn't afford one, so I cobbled my own together.

    It is the most useful thing I own, particularly at the moment where the little one always wants to take her scooter/balance bike/dolly in a pushchair, but I know she wont last the distance. No bother, just sling it all, and her, in the front and pedal home.

    You can make it really long and carry even more crap if you strap the trailgator to the back and use the weeride instead.

  • Love that Kona dude, well done and super capable of hauling a lot of stuff! Your kids seam to be enjoying it which is a major plus. The more they enjoy it the more we get to ride around with them. DIY stuff rocks. I made the platform for my bike from some dumpster-dived supermarket shelving (which is rustproof and sturdy) and have gotten a huge orange reflective road-work sign from a construction site that I'll eventually use for side panels.

  • @Scrabble talking about carrying a toy stroller or a dolly...

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  • This is all awesome, mine is <3m old so I'm currently thinking what I will want to get / build / use as she gets old enough and the inspiration is fantastic!

  • Some more inspiration for you @andyfallsoff. After seeing pics of this build I've really wanted to get my hands on an Ogre, it seams more than capable of handling everything you throw at it.

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  • That ogre is badass

    I'm riding a stock Bullit which is soon outgrown as our two can just about squeeze down in the regular seat. I'm slowly working on plans on how to widen it a few cm each side. Input welcome!

  • Oh, wow, that's incredible!

  • Post a pic @kboy!

    Do you have the stock side panels? If so sell them or reuse them by building your own box. I've been looking into this myself.

    Here's some instructions of a DIY box I stumbled upon online a while back in case you want to get a rough idea of the dimensions.­7ATpPLXhNOWw4bFlVd0E/view

    You should check out a kid seat named the Kangaroo, produced by Winther that even comes with a harness and I've seen that some people fit two of them side by side in wide DIY boxes. That could work and you'd still have a pretty big box to haul stuff around when needed.

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  • Yeah it's pretty awesome indeed.

  • Cheers for the link!

    I've got the stock side panels and the stock child seat. The plan is to keep the side panels, but figure out a way to either mount them a bit wider, or just widen the bit closest to the seat. If I can get 3-5cm each side we can prob use the bike for another couple of years as it is.

    The benefit of widening the whole thing is the increased loadspace upfront, but then I can't use the stock cover which I really like.

    One idea I have is to cut out a bit of the side panel where the kids sit, and either add webbing or some other material to keep them in. The downside though is that without hard sides the kids aren't as protected...

  • Well unfortunately you can't have everything and you're gonna sacrifice something. Off the top of my head you could make custom brackets which is quite easy and place the side panels outwards, giving them a bit more space. Otherwise you could place a seat facing backwards in the front of the box but as I said you're gonna have to sacrifice something in your existing setup which will most likely be the cover but even that can be modified if you know someone handy with a sewing machine.

    Let's see your set up!

  • Yeah true. I'll try and get some photos over the weekend. Not much bike in this one, but it's pretty loaded after nursery run :)

  • We also usually bring an umbrella to improve the aerodynamics...

  • The more the merrier! RAD!

  • The OH on our first ute test ride, such a good biglittle bike and cost us so little. Just want to get some Jones bars on there... but they would be 1/4 of the cost of the bike...

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  • Picked up the frame for £50 and a parts bin build pretty much. Genesis Fortitude Adventure. SS currently but considering hub gear eventually.

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  • Just to let you know, we have Alfine/nexus hubs at for a huge discounted price...!

  • Here's mine. What's the go to child's hauling trailer for babies? My youngest is 18m and reckon she'd love to be towed along.

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  • The 8 speed nexus is an outright bargain, but only coaster brake apparently. The disc compatible ones not quite so much. Thanks though!

  • That 3rd photo is the coolest I’ve seen in a while ;)

  • Full load...

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  • I saw a guy in crouch end transporting his kid with a bullitt. It looked fantastic.

    How/where do you store them? Can be hard enough getting decent storage for a bike in London flats.

  • Original Cannondale kids trailer on eBay ATM.

    I believe this was the first Bicycle product they made, and in the US was called the 'bugger'.

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Mom / Dad-mobiles, Kid-transporters

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