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  • Very handsome, who's the ugly bugger behind it?

    Actually, well done, the Ouse is famous for big barbel and equally famous for not giving them up readily.

  • Will let you off as no doubt'll need your wealth of angling knowledge sooner than later. We actually gave up on the Ouse and headed back home to the River Ivel for fish and chips on the bank. Found the most amazing swim where we saw carp, chub (gracing the mat), perch, pike and roach when the sun was shining just right.

  • I'm not an expert on fishing, but if you struggle I think you should change strategy. You can't change their skills in their waters.

  • Strangley the barbel had a distinct blue mark on its belly which after Googling throws up results for 750 being released in the Ouse in 2008 to monitor. How weird.

  • "The aim of the three-year study is to learn more about the breeding habits and life of the barbel, which is regarded as a secretive fish.
    In total, 4,000 fish of different species are being released into the upper reaches of the Great Ouse at Radwell to restock the river.
    The fish, which include chub, dace and roach, have been reared at the Environment Agency's national fish farm at Calverton in Nottinghamshire."

    Yeah, plenty of blue fish, good for fisherman!

  • Agreed, sounds alright to me!

  • I'm wondering if the Ouse it's really worth its conservation for making illegal the blast fishing.

  • Spent a happy afternoon NOT fishing for carp on the syndicate lake in a swim noted for not holding carp, no prizes for guessing what happened. I was sitting contentedly catching roach, rudd and perch to a pound at the huge range of one rod length when the carp turned up. Two casts and two hook links in 5 minutes, you have bugger all chance of stopping a double on a 2 pound point.... The two helicopter rigged maggot feeder rods with 5lb links (for tench and bream) then sprang into action, one with a sodding great eel, the other with an unstoppable carp. Finally I managed to land this scraper double common (note woefully inadequate net). Needless to say, I will return with the same tactics but with 12lb mainline, 2 1/2 tc rods and 10lb fluorocarbon hooklinks. I will probably blank.

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  • Sounds like a right challenge but well done for actually getting one in the net. Bet it was exciting work on the light gear.

  • Don't you just hate it when that happens. Couple months ago I had to spend about 45 mins battling a nutty 20lb mirror which took double caster on 6lb bottom and 1.25 ledger rod. It took a good few big runs into the middle of the lake (which can get very deep) and weeded me a few times, every time I thought I'd lose it but somehow it stayed on and just about fitted in the net. Kinda ruined my tench fishing but what a buzz! Will try and find the pic

  • Crap at fish pics

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  • Season has been frustrating - targeting tench but only had 5! And 4 of them were two in each session so lots of tenchless sessions. No blanks but lots of bream, roach the odd Rudd and perch. The last time I went both rods went at once and I netted two bream in the same net, one was by far the largest I’ve ever caught - must have been getting on for if not double figures. Hate them though, they stink and don’t fight

  • My wife bought me sea fishing trip on a boat out of Ramsgate for Christmas last year. Finally got round to it last weekend. Went out on with a couple of friends and really enjoyed it. I was sick as a dog on the day (getting over a nasty virus, not seasick), so I was pretty much useless, but others caught, loads of dogfish, smooth hounds and small bass.

    I live 10 mins from the swale and have been harbouring a hankering to try beach casting for ages. Any tips on starter kit and general advice for a total noob?

  • Sounds like a productive and memorable outing, hope you've recovered from the virus. Lovely gift too. This guy Graeme has been linked a few times here, uses very simple methods with bog standard gear. Enjoy that first catch and cook on the beach!

  • The best single bit of advice is to go to your local tackle shop, ask questions and listen carefully. If it has only got the ubiquitous carp gear and everything is only available in camouflage you're on a loser. Try local sea fishing clubs, you'll be amazed how helpful people can be.

  • I told you it would work!

    Returned to no carp corner on the syndicate lake after having repeatedly lost fish on tench and roach gear. This time the feeder tackle has been beefed up to 4 maggots on a 12, helicopter rigged on a 9lb link, crucially using light carp rods.

    Behold, 19lb of fatty within 2 hours, on a day when bottom fishing should be hopeless. Who needs boilies? Maybe the dirty great lobworm will go next....

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  • Just to annoy everyone further, this is where I spent last week and I didn't even bother to fish for the salmon in the pools despite having permission (they had been in the river some time and had coloured up ready to spawn).

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  • Love a bit of TA fishing!

  • My kid wanted to go fishing in the local canal so we headed down for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. Was a bit slow until he suggested fishing in the lock, which I thought was a terrible idea but turned out to be the home of the Big Roach (two of them)!

    Maybe next time I'll take my rod too.

  • And the latest score is Colin 4 Carp Utd 0, two more 16lb commons on the feeder and this lovely little 12lb mirror on the lift method 1 rod length out (look it up, it's ancient), barbel rod and size 12 to 6lb. I wouldn't normally photograph this, but mirrors are one in a hundred here.

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  • Thanks for the above tip dudes!

  • Did a days fly fishing yesterday on the Test. First ever fishing experience and really enjoyed it. Only caught a rainbow and brown trout but can totally see the appeal now.

    What should I be looking for in a first rod? Guessing lots of resources available.

  • You started in the Premier League, the Test is one of the greatest rivers in the World.

    There is endless advice available, but much depends on the sort of waters you are most likely to fish. As an all-rounder a rod rated for a 5 or 6 weight line and of about 9ft long would cover most situations. I thoroughly recommend the made in China Maxcatch range, I use their 3 weight for all my chalkstream fishing (I paid about £40), it is significantly better than rods I own that cost over £300. I also use one of their 9 weight travel rods in the tropics, it is brilliant.

    Reels are largely used as line reservoirs, you don't need to spend money on them, I have one you would be welcome to.

    Spend money on lines, they DO make a difference, I would recommend Cortland 444, a weight forward (WF) is easier to cast for a beginner.

    Send me a DM if you would like to talk further, there is so much to say.

  • and for flies

  • It's a well-known fact that ModernCarp can't be caught at less than 100 yards range. Luckily, I am using BarbelRod with ULR VFa Technology (Ultra Long Range, Very Far away), coupled with UD F (Upsy Downsy Float), with this revolutionary combo I can attain distances of up to 3 yards!

    Naturally, this approach is useless to ModernCarpAngler as it negates the inalienable right to trundle around the bank like a rampaging hippo, bang in banksticks with a lump hammer, erect a marquee and have a BBQ and piss-up with both of their mates.

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