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  • I'm currently blanking on my local carp lake but I'm told they've been delivered. I too am looking forward to having a shorter rod which should be a lot more suitable for the small rivers near me.

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  • New river rods all set for the opening of the season. Petty excited. Anyone have any experience or views with fitting aftermarket handles to reels? Would just give them a try but means hacking bits off.

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  • Why would you have to hack bits off, if the aftermarket items are made for the reels they should just fit? What don't you like about the originals? Are you becoming a tackle tart?

  • The only criticism is the plastic handles are slightly small. Other than that love the SS1600's and would happily live with them as is. Just curious. Oh who am I kidding, I'm a tart whatever I'm buying.

  • Tackle is a lot like bikes, there's always something promising marginal gains, Scopes should be very good for fishing margins.

    It's only the last few feet of your gear that the fish might actually see that matters, so long as the rest does the job it doesn't make the slightest difference. Saying that, I struggled to reach the 105 yards to a showing carp last week and started eyeing up distance rods (I caught it, not as big as it looked at 15lbs). I still use glass blanks I tested for Conoflex in the 80s for most of my piking, I have never found anything better and the pike don't appear to be snobbish about it.

    Doing my first overnighter of the year for carp tomorrow, taking the tench and bream rods just in case, I will probably get a good night's sleep.

  • The rivers I fish are so small it's all margin so good to know the Scopes are up to the task. Best of luck tomorrow, the local carp were spawning last weekend so fingers crossed you've missed it where you are.

  • Sod drowning, I bottled yesterday, I hate setting up in pissing rain.

    Right here, right now.

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  • The embarrassingly long blank is broken. Felt very good to get a bend in the rod after so long although did struggle to keep much spam on the hair, then hook. I've got those spam bait stops but don't rate them too much. If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears.

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  • Nice one! I always found a piece of thick grass (the tubular bit near the root end) used to work with Luncheon Meat on the hair for Carp?

  • I did resort to this in the end, always nice when you can use something for free rather than buy something 'specialist' from the tackle shop. Not sure if my swim was full of smaller fish who kept pecking at my bait.

  • Possibly. You could use the mesh that you can get to wrap around boilies to deter Crayfish perhaps. Then cover in paste!

  • That's interesting, might try that. Also seen these spring things that look quite sturdy too. Was great to use the new scopes too, 1.75tc felt great as a do it all river rod with slightly more backbone should a carp grace the net!

  • What length are they again? 9ft?

  • Yeah from what I've seen those Scopes are really good. When I still had my motorbike I was looking into travel rods that I could potentially take on the bike, and I couldn't see past some of the 6ft Scope Sawn Offs

  • Some travel rods feel a bit fisher price, but the scopes are really well made AND they pack down.

  • Better late than never but got my mojo back today, managed 10 barbel and made friends with a robin.

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  • Goodnight all

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  • Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

  • The tench have been elusive this season. It's nearly the end of summer and I've only caught 4, two of which were from a session last week!
    First season on club waters, getting to know them. Without a night permit so usually fish an evening and can be a shame having to pack up as it gets dark when I feel like I'd like to fish into darkness for a couple of hours.
    Main problem is nuisance small fish, baits don't see to matter. They will nibble and pull at everything. Current method is light bed of hemp, krill pellets and casters with 10mm boilies over, bomb and PVA (should be called PITA) or feeder with the ends plugged with some GB.
    The other problem is pike, two sessions I've had them grabbing fish I'd been reeling in. Toothy, stupid, bastards.

  • Forget Nash, Fox or ESP, really my night fishing should be sponsored by Silentnight. River Great Ouse always feels like hard going, although did see otters yesterday which I've never seen before. Lovely, but probably a bad sign angling-wise. Well that's what I'm sticking to.

  • Well Done !+!

    Btw, without going underwater I was wondering if some of these would be suitable for when the fishes will jump out of their very own deep waters, an automatic version would be more suitable thought.

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  • Do fishes go on rides?

  • No, they don't meet the minimum height requirements at major theme parks.

    I like chub, but I wish they would stop pretending to be trout before I spend 20 minutes sneaking up before I cast a dry fly.

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  • Finally.

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