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  • After exclusively spending my time on rivers since January, yesterday I went carp fishing as conscious the weather will soon turn. I'd almost forgotten how much stuff you need and how hard it is. I went to the venue with most chance of catching, spombed properly and didn't get anything all day. Not even a line bite. Admittedly there's nothing like catching a big carp but got next week off work so will retreat to the river.

    Using the large carp reel reinforced how much I like the small Daiwa Tournament SS1600 Whisker for rivers.

  • Carp fishing seems painful.

    Took the boy to the local pond. Got fuck all.

    Popped down to Bosham earlier in the year stuck the line in and got a bass in about 5mins.

  • Has anyone used Nash Scope rods? I'm thinking of getting a 10ft 1.75TC for river duties. I like the idea of being retractable so don't have to waste time on the bank rigging up.

  • From yesterday

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  • Sort of fishing.. Been out two times so far, dropping the traps in the evening and pulling them at sunrise.. Partly horrified of the amount of creepers living in the lakes and partly delighted, they taste great!

  • Vogue!

  • Managed to take a few days off and get out on the local rivers before the end of the season. Funny how variable the fishing can be on the same day between places that are only a few miles apart. Highlight was catching (the worlds smallest) sea trout on a dry fly mid afternoon.

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  • Gave myself the day off for my birthday last Tuesday....

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  • .....and in live from the bivvy news, just had this immaculate 18 common, biggest of 4 so far.

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  • Noice! Love a long common!

  • Missed this, that fish is the definition of immaculate. Usual river lea barbel from me this weekend.

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  • .....which entirely trumps my efforts today. I decided to channel my inner match angler and fish for roach with maggots as the eels would be cold and inactive.

    They weren't.

  • Today: occasional light showers.

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  • Now that looks Carpy.

  • Now that looks Carpy.

    Isn't that just what people say to make sitting in the rain freezing your arse off more bearable?

  • Agreed. Personally I seem to have more luck when it's warm, but every YouTube video I watch says you should be on the bank when there's a strong south-westerly with your face into the wind ¯_(ツ)_/¯


    This is a lovely. Even if you don’t fish. A great bit of slow radio

  • Anyone know if solo fishing is permitted during lockdown?

  • Yep (which saves me a costly second divorce), no club fishing, chub fishing allowed.

  • Ha.

    So solo on the river bank is OK, that's good to know. What about at a commercially run lake? Are they allowed to open or is there a blanket ban on these? TIA.

  • Just ring the fishery, if they're open they're open!

  • Yeah, that was the conclusion I'd come to. Thanks again for your help.


    This is a lovely. Even if you don’t fish. A great bit of slow radio

    Thanks. I feel asleep listening to this the other night, was magic

  • I spent a good few hours fishing for perch on Sunday, this was the best of the bunch:

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  • Nice, haven't caught a perch yet but really keen to get one. Out of interest what kind of net is that?

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