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  • More sad news here, still queuing to get in to the local carp lake.

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  • Yeah we gave up after 2.5hrs, gone home to watch Seinfeld and eat bagels.

  • You and EB make me realise how lucky I am. I have a 50 acre pit to fish, with a virtually 100% chance of fishing a swim I want to fish. Today the chance of getting the right swim is exactly 100% as I haven't cut it out yet! I have found an area that can't be fished from any existing swim which had fish in it yesterday, less pressure = more fish.

    All reels I might use are re-spooled, heading out at 5.30 ish....

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  • Now reporting live from the swim that doesn't exist. There's one carp here, I have just seen it. Rods going out at 9.

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  • Looks like a lovely little peg between the reeds, hope the bivvy is pegged down well tonight 🍃

  • Oh man. Looks lovely. Hope you've got a bait on the end of that point with the reeds. Or that little hole along the reeds to the right

  • We've got a shop out here called BCF; Boats, Camping, Fishing... Never been in one until yesterday, fuck me, you guys would go mad...

    This is a huge chain, there's one every 10-15kms and the amount of fishing stuff in there was ridiculous... Hundreds of rods on display, cabinets full of reels, it was an amazing thing to behold...

    Bit overwhelming for a beginner, gonna hopefully catch up with a mate with a boat next week and get some advice off him...

  • Live newsflash, bugger all has happened! EB: you're right about the one off the point, if it doesn't catch, you're to blame. The other two are to the reeds opposite left and in the channel to the left, longest range a massive 30 yards. It also happens to be the most sheltered part of the lake, I am not entirely stupid.

    I love a good Aussie tackle megastore, I get all my big game stuff from Ottos Tackle World. I am lucky it's on the far side of the planet or I would be permanently skint(er).

  • Well done EB, your brilliant bait placement has resulted in a 15-10 mirror. This is a bit if a rarity as there are 100 commons to 1 mirror in here, this is only the 4th I've caught. Also had a smaller common and a male tench of 5-2.

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  • Yes! Amazing!

  • Agreed, what a bruiser. Nice joint effort.

  • All set up and fishing tonight, just in time for the sun. So far just had this guy.

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  • Lovely fish!

  • Bream. I hate bream so much...

  • Not the best fighters for sure, but a good size! Fishing the torridge tomorrow which should hopefully have more water. Little exe on Saturday was bloody tricky due to low water, but a tiny trout nailed a klinkhammer and saved me a blank.

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  • The best chance of a salmon or sea trout would be Cymag and a net.... That looks like 2lb point and 3 weight territory tomorrow, best of luck. I am enjoying the thought that 'klinkhammer' had everyone else Googling.

    I don't hate bream, I had 2 of 8-2 and 8-10 last night and they can trundle around when hooked on 6lb mainline on the MKIV Avon. On carp baits and heavy rods they're are pain in the arse! Three commons overnight, biggest 17-4. Two tench, a female of 6ish and, rather oddly, a male of exactly 5-2 again. This indicates that the females could possibly hit doubles, but I have never had one above mid-7 on the syndicate lake.

  • Anything else yet? That one looks mid-4, clearly an immaculate young fish.

  • Haha, well I’m only going for brown trout so will leave my dynamite at home. Expecting low water so nz style upstream on a 10ft 4wt will prob be the order of the day. That said hooked a couple of sea trout on nymphs in the past so not impossible.

    Getting up very early though to try get the morning rise, and forecast to be overcast so hopefully fishing will be good!

  • Not yet unfortunately, but can see 3-4 carp in some snags near me so positioned 2 of my rods as close as I can get. Looks like it's just me and the bailiff fishing the night and he seems pretty optimistic but we'll see come the morning.

  • That sounds very promising. I now have length envy, my 3wt is 7' and 4wt is 8', I do have the 9' 4wt cane Hardy but that has led me to believe that earlier generations had wrists which would make wanking perilous.

    Jambon: keep the faith, the buggers will have to come out of the snags to feed soon!

  • Prefer longer rods so use mainly a 10ft 4wt and 6wt when I can. Mends and roll casts are easier. That being said I’ve got an 8’6 5wt travel rod that gets used the most as it packs up at just over a foot so comes anywhere I think i can get away with fishing.

  • By the way is this a confession you have forearms like popeye?

  • Finally. This one put up a good scrap too.

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  • Nice!

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