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  • I'm sure a few fish have been whipped to death in the history of the world!

    Main thing is to make sure there's no fucking trees, bushes or wiry plants near you when you're doing it ...

  • Todays thrilling episode of "Maybe I bought the wrong gear"

    Tried out a small spinning reel today and lobbing various weights of lure about.
    Didn't cast much further on actual mono line than over using weighted fly line.

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  • Tried a selection of weights to see what happens.
    Heavy did cast further but not by much and rod not able to launch as not designed for the load.
    6gram spinners went out ok

    Put fly reel back on and just used the swivel on a 7' leader to simulate a fly.
    Very windy so distance dropped off.

    Can't do much else until box of ammo turns up.

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  • can you use a spinning reel with a fly rod?

    cheap telescopic is ideal for course stuff. I've got a shitty kids thing that is small enough to take cycle touring with minimal gubbins, caught a fair few mackerel with it (four in one cast which was scary as I thought the rod would just snap in two...)

    thinking about it I'd love to have a couple of weeks up in the wild north with a bike and some fishing gear ;(

  • Orvis do a spin/fly combo set, just swap out butt section and reel.­px?pf_id=8Y4P&dir_id=441&group_id=442&ca­t_id=23204

    Might be others out there. Just seemed logical to me to swap reel, would just need to try some weights (like i did today) and see if any thing matches to the rod.

    But i am stuck in the mindset of big lead weights and lobbing out into surf so understanding that fly fishing is short distance so rods won't cast without lots of practice and very tuned set up's.
    One of the Sigma kit reviews stated to ditch the supplied line and upgrade and gain instant range.

    Always looked at the dinky telescopics but found the Sigma for £50 (rrp £76.99) so decided to get one as it's in a neat travel case, and can just sit in the boot of the car next time i go away in case i get lucky and camp or stay near the sea.

  • Hang on.

    Will tape the case to the steamroller for scale..........

    Back in 5mins......

  • Could go smaller but cost goes up as going from a 9'6" 4pce to actual travel rods in 7pce is ££

    Plan is sort out how to use the damn thing. Small selection of flies/ammo and basic bits that should all fit in the case.

    I kind of understand why most images of fly fishing involves someone standing in deep water.... because of the limited range, so get wading.

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  • wow that's still pretty big. Mine folds down into about 16"which is pretty compact, but like I say it's not up to much quality wise and you definitely wouldn't use it as a beach caster!

    Wading with fly fishing isn't so much about range afaik as much as avoiding fouling your line on vegetation on the bank. A lot of river fishing you see people standing in the middle to aim their line into the bank in the slower waters where fish like to lurk. Lake fishing is better if you have a row boat to cut round in-nice getting a seat and somewhere to keep your sandwiches too.

  • Depends what your fishing for at the end of the day but a 9ft 6-8wt should be perfect. Bigger flies and stronger wind = heavier weight line. Travel rods make commuting to fishing spots via bike so much easier, and shakespeare make cheapish travel fly rods, but at the end of the day just use what you've got.­EW-AGILITY2-EXP-7-PIECE-TRAVEL-FLY-FISHI­NG-ROD-TUBE-/372309393181?var=

    Trick with any sort of casting is mostly timing, watch your fly line to make sure its properly unfurling behind you. With regards to wading, in the summer, the easiest thing to do is just go in shorts and use a battered pair of trainers. Tide times, time of day and weather have a massive effect, and if by trying to cast five extra metres means it ends in a heap you're not going to catch anything.

  • Ammo turned up today.

    just for scale, 20 saltwater flies in that little bag, against the more normal beach leads.

    I am lacking in some finesse for this :)

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  • Got a base line to play with now.

    Sorted and weighed everything, overlooking aerodynamics of big fluffys, I can sort out some practice weights and see what works.

    The shiny one at the bottom is a chopped down Mackerel feather.

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  • The random numbers are weight in grains, so I can clump weights together in carry box.

    Sorted some random large boat swivels to use as practice weights while I get the hang of not piercing my right ear :)

    it was stated early in this thread that this is more nerdy than bikes.
    I agree.

    From general reading up.... I went with 7wt as it seemed to be regarded as good all rounder to start with. Not too light and limited to small rivers/ponds, and not so heavy that it requires a double hand cast. Can do a bit of everything. Might see a river, but aiming at saltwater, harbours, flat beaches etc etc.

  • 8 or 9 weight would be better for chucking large flies. The flies you have are mainly patterns for Bonefish and Permit in the tropics. What you will need for mackerel, bass or pollack are streamer patterns like 2nd row down on the left. You could go down the rabbit burrow of tying your own, an endless source of frustration..... Use a 9 foot leader of 30lb mono, then 20 and finally 15, 3 foot of each joined together with blood knots. This will help catapult the fly beyond the heap your fly line will fall in.

    Here's some I tied earlier.

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  • I only recently got into fishing but now go fairly often. We live near the coast so mainly using feathers to catch mackerel. Next I'd like to catch some Sea Bass or something else good to eat.

    I was given loads of old fishing stuff by my mate so we're eating free fish 2 or three times a week right now.

  • Nice work there ! :)

  • They're the sort of thing you'll need for UK species, all of them are fairly crap representations of little fish. One of the big ones caught a massive Tarpon in Costa Rica, but they still work for any UK predator. If I were you I would start with a floating line, they are easier to handle, but don't cast quite so far.

  • Got to the beach.

    google maps showed some small man made bays. found 2 hour free parking and walked along coast looking for other entry points and free on street parking. Weekends will be an issue but found out where I can park up. Seems hourly rate is £1.20

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  • Started here as sheltered from breeze, when wind turned I went to other side of rocks for shelter.

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  • Lets stick it together...

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  • Come get it fishys :)

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  • so standing on rocks shouting bite me doesn't work.

    Tally of catch.
    Whales 0 (one floating around somewhere)
    Sharks 0
    Fish in general 0
    Big fuck off boulder easily a ton 1 (on back cast)
    Even bigger boulder hiding under water that I first thought "Shaaaark" like what you see on those youtube things. 1 (and 1 bent hook)

    Back of own head/face/neck/arm 0 (so actually winning)

    Then it got windy and free parking was running out.

    Things I learnt against my will.
    The floating line does float, but as per internet reviews doesn't cast too well, do have a more slippery weight forward intermediate line to try.
    Forget if windy and on rocks.
    If you can turn and use the wind to your advantage, gain extra cast = winning
    The flies do glint and sparkle in the water, which was fine until the surf chopped up the silt as the wind picked up.


  • A seal stole two mackerel straight off my line yesterday!

    The first one I thought was just a coincidence, like the fish got off the hook and then I just happened to see the seal. But the second time as I was reeling the fish in, it was very close to shore and I could see it, just then...POW. Seal took it.

  • In unusually successful fishing news.... Got an invite on a boat out of Eastbourne last Friday, am now stocked up with black bream, turbot, pollack and (home-smoked) mackerel.

  • @dangeek nature in action, still thieving scrotes but rad :)

    @ColinTheBald i will be happy with a mackerel for me and one for cat :)

    Might take a beachcaster next time and just lob out a feather trace while i go catch 1 ton whoppers of rock with the fly rod.

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