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  • For what is the UK's favourite sport after cycling, there isn't even a thread so I thought I'd start one.

    Off to West Wales in the summer and staying right close to the sea. Wanted to buy a couple of long straight things, a couple of windy things, some string, some sharp metal things and some shiny shiny things to bewitch the fish.

    What should my budget be and anyone have any recommendations or some tackle for sellz. Looking for two so my brother in law can escape with me.

    Might continue as a hobby afterwards o something that will last longer than a week is needed.

  • The fishing's really good where I am, bought a rod three years ago and still haven't been out with it... Shameful...

    In my defence, I haven't got a reel yet... Enjoy, mate!

  • I love watching fishing programmes, but my wife would kill me if I took it up as a hobby.

    I'm saving it for retirement, but I've managed to absorb a lot just from reruns on Quest.

  • I’ve been a closet fishing fan forever. Used to go as a kid and can’t pass by water without stopping to see what might be in there. Devour all the fishing shows too. I’m now 5 mins from the cosst and have been wanting to get some kit and give beach casting a go.

  • forum fishing trip

  • to visit ts in aus

  • Do you plan to fish on a beach or off a boat? Boats = shorter rods, multiplier reels, heavy weights. Beach = longer rods, multiplier reel though fixed spool also works and is less likely to leave you with a "birds nest" of string as you call it.
    You can use beach rods on a boat but you're going to be a pain in the arse for anyone else on the boat as you have little experience in handling a long rod in a tight space.
    Rather than spend money on something you don't yet know why don't you book a boat trip from any Welsh seaside town or see if you can rent beach gear. If you read enough about it and like it once you've had a go then buy some gear. If you rush into a purchase you might end up with "Foffa"fishing tackle and nobody wants that.

  • oh good god what have i let myself in for
    it's more complex than bikes

    i want a 5 speed pathracer of a rod, a do it all rod, a rod for all seasons, a rod i can commute on but also do a ride out to the coast on

  • As I understand it, fishing is much more of a nerdy sport than bieks.

  • Get a fixed spool reel and a spinning rod about 8 feet and spin for mackerel off the rocks. This settled weather means they'll be off the Welsh coast in a few weeks. Basic set up about 50 quid.
    If you want more specifics let me know where you're going and I'll supply more detail.
    At the end of the day it's a great location for all sorts - fishing, cycling, kite flying, whittling, running, photography. Going to try sea fly fishing for bass myself down there pretty soon.

  • What’s recommended for fishing off the beaches between Whitstable and Margate?


    I much prefer coarse fishing myself so I don't know why I'm getting involved.

  • Fishing in the channel, on a boat, never stopped my father & his mates swearing.

  • Best thing to do is go to a local fishing shop and ask, generally very friendly informative people.

    Alternatively second hand or cash converter type shops in beach towns can have a surprising amount of good gear at cheap prices.

    Main thing to establish is what kind of fishing you're doing: beach, pier, boat as that will determine the rod and reel you need. Then what kind of fish as that will determine the tackle and how it's set up.

    Fishing is great even when you don't catch anything anyway-outside, fresh air, scenery, beers/flask, good chats. Self caught Mackerel or sea trout cooked on a BBQ is pretty unbeatable too...

  • prefer coarse fishing myself

    Sounds like a euph for something dirty. Idk anything about fishing, have lots of mates who love it and bore me senseless with details. Shouldn't post here I guess, this thread is going to haunt me now.

  • Coarse = lakes, ponds, rivers etc. in freshwater with lots of swearing and the like.

  • I often take a small telescopic rod when on cycling trips. Came with a reel, 15lb line I think, about 7’ long. I have a few feather sets, an assortment of spinners and a few lures. Total cost about £25. Off rocks into deepish water is easiest and will result in the fewest snags and a good chance of mackerel and pollock.

  • Just coming back to this.

    Ace thing about fishing.......... rods and reels take up little space and are easy to store, you can have more rods than bikes (alien concept to many here :)

    I fished as a kid, then again as help to get over illness. Stashed everything away, now dragging it all out again.
    And after a recent trip to a scottish estate where on arrival people where on the lawns setting up fly rods......and the bar was full of fly gear...... just bought myself a starter fly rod to play with.
    Can do piccys later if the forum interest is there !

  • Second attempt at fly casting today.
    I made a special hook up with beads glued over the sharp bits.

    So far I can cast about 15m and have hit the back of my head once and twice between shoulder blades.
    This fly fishing is a dangerous pastime.

    (more used to a big lead weight, pile of terminal tackle and bait, and lobbing it 100m into the sea)

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  • what are the big chunky things you're casting with? they don't look very fly-like

  • The shop decided not to pack the box of ammo i ordered, 20 saltwater flies, so i chopped up an old mackrel feather rig into singles.
    Then decided to glue beads over the pointy bits as a practice tip that will hurt but not stick into the back of my head.
    Until the actual flies turn up....... just been out having a flick about..... only hit myself 3 times.....

    So far i am learning that flicking out to 15 - 20m is actually ok, getting out to 30m will take a lot of practice and better line. And 20 - 25m is most likely max distance for me.

    Fly casting is very very different to spinners or beach/surf casting.

  • At the end of the day it's a great location for all sorts - fishing, cycling, kite flying, whittling, killing animals for psychotic fun, running, photography


  • you prob hit yourself because they're so heavy and giving too much of a whip effect. I remember practicing as a nipper with nothing tied on the end, just the weight of the line.

  • Did that yesterday, nothing on line because the braided tip flew off.

    Was whip cracking like a good-un which of course is bad :)

    Got my head around the distance thing now (lack of is normal) going to practice on land for now and should have flies mid week.
    seen several ref's to just tying a bit of yarn to the end of line to practice with.

    Lots of dry practice before i go near the beach.

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