TW builds a bike shed

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  • Also what is the purpose of the floor joists over the slab?

    No real reason, to be honest - people seem to do both framed floors over concrete, or just insulation & chipboard by itself.

    I'm inclined to have the joists, as I prefer the idea of flooring being supported by wood & not foam insulation.

  • I should also add that @Hovis was kind enough to share the sketchup for his office, which helped a huge amount with idead on how to frame doorways & skylights.

  • going to sound like a broken record...but...

    ...any pics of the roof after the summer plus all the recent rain? Be curious to see how it's getting on.

    Also how's it holding up after all the rain? Any problems?

  • I'm not sure I have any pictures, but it did flower beautifully over the Summer.

    Now I just need to prune out the dead flowers, and cross my fingers that it doesn't die / rot over Autumn & Winter.

    Pics soon.

  • I added a hole at the corner for water overflow (to be guttered up later)

    Had another look through the thread and I'm not 100% on how you're drainage works.

    Is there one pipe in one corner with some sort of mesh cover, sitting under there living roof, which connects to a drain pipe?

    How's it held up with all the rain over the autumn, winter, spring?


  • Is there one pipe in one corner with some sort of mesh cover, sitting under there living roof, which connects to a drain pipe?


    It seems to be holding up ok, as in there is no leaking into the roof below.

    In hindsight (and what I'll do for my garden office project), I should have built in a gradient, as there's a bit of pooling in the adjacent corner.

  • How's the shed and roof looking these days?

  • It's standing up well - A few running repairs to the door, where I hadn't given enough space to allow for expansion, it had buckled.

    I've also since realised that I should have put the cladding on with the cupping facing inwards - lesson learned!

    At some point, I want to put a metal plate on the doorstep to, to make it a bit more robust.

    The roof has gone nuts in the past few weeks - It needs a small bit of weeding, and re-soiling in places where animals (owls, foxes & cats) have made beds / holes, but I don't have access since I hung up an canvas awning to serve as a temporary workshop.

    Photos soon though.

  • Photos soon though

  • metal plate

    Maybe have a look at car / van accessories.

  • Photos soon though.

    When is soon? are you like Trump, the photos are just round the corner

  • It's wet outside.

  • its been raining for 4 months?

  • I also have a makeshift canvas awning over everything that used to be in the shed, so I can't actually get to the roof to photograph it.

  • It feels like it has!

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TW builds a bike shed

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