TW builds a bike shed

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  • After a fair bit of faffing about, ground has been broken on building a secure(ish) bikeshed.

    Step 1 - sinking an anchor point into concrete.

    Already having an angle grinder meant not having to worry about lifting the paving stone.

    Not that it helped much - the stones were laid on cement, on top of hardcore, on top of a 4 inch concrete slab.

    Rather than getting the Kango out again (which I used last weekend to put a hole in my foot), I stitch drilled the slab and removed the concrete with a bolster and lump hammer.

    The cladding, walls and floor sheets are all here, with the 100 meters of 2x4 arriving later this afternoon.

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  • This is what it will mostly look like, except that I have decided to put a living roof, which will need a bit of shifting around of the trim around the roof

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  • I’m interested. Looking forward to seeing how this comes out!

  • What did you use for your anchor point?

  • Woohoo, subscribed!

  • @ChainBreaker

    I've used a Y-Anchor

    I already had a 13mm chain to go through it, which is about the most it can take.

    They do sell bigger anchors, which could take 16mm & 19mm chains.

    It's only one aspect of security that I'm relying on though.

  • "One of our delivery drivers went off sick."

    No 100m of 2x4 today then, so no wall framing.

    I'm working from home tomorrow, though, so who knows.

  • impressive!

    Looking forward to seeing the other security options.

  • living roof

    Do you have any more details on this? It's something that really appeals to me.

    So would be interested to understand how you're going to deal with the weight, moisture, etc. And what the life expectancy is.

  • Last time I looked in to it you can buy pre-grown rolls of sedum that come like turf. That's probably the easiest and most expensive way. Cheapest being growing from seed, but I think it takes a good year or two to establish

    @TW are you putting OSB on the frame before the cladding?

  • Do you have any more details on this?

    There's a couple of options that I'm looking at, but it's basically

    • Double layer of pond liner
    • Water drainage / storage sheet
    • Filter / protection fleece
    • Expanded clay aggregate
    • Probably a mix of basic compost & Innes No. 3
    • A mix of established plants & some seeds

    There's will be cutouts for any excess water, and guttering to channel it away.

    I should probably do some maths on the weight, and ability of the roof / walls to support the weight.

    The rafters / studs are 2x4s on 360mm centers, and the roof has a span of 1440mm. Back of the envelope calculations, finger in the air & wishful thinking suggests that I should be OK by an order of magnitude.

    As to how long it will last - the roof, or the whole thing? Quite a while, I hope...

  • Looks good couple of questions;
    What are the dimensions?
    How deep is the concrete?

  • I'll be doing a bit of seeding, and a bit using established plants.

    The walls and roof are 11mm OSB3, the cladding is 22mm lapped T&G

    The floor is 22mm ply, covered in 3mm vinyl

  • What are the dimensions?

    The shed bit itself is 2065 wide, 1200 deep, 1780 height rear , 1950 height front (all internal measurements)

    The roof extends about 1000mm further

    How deep is the concrete?

    There's 50mm stone slabs on a 50 - 100 mm concrete & hardcore base, on top of another 50-100mm concrete slab (all pre-existing)

    The top layer would have been fine by itself, and in any case, it is all resting on two 100mm skids

  • Thanks, I’ll be keeping an eye on this as I need to do something similar

  • The Boss said you could have another bike but its not coming in the house?

  • I should probably do some maths on the weight, and ability of the roof / walls to support the weight.

    Bok bok bok BWAAAAAAAAAAAAARK, Bok bok

  • Cheers. I recently redid out shed roof, so that will be fine for a good while, but we've got a flat roof outhouse that if it ever needs doing I'd like a living roof. And/or if we ever get an extension I'd like one there too.

    Definitely be curious to know what the final m² cost of the roof is.

    As to how long it will last - the roof, or the whole thing?

    The roof.

    @Silly_Savage - that's a good link.

  • 100m of the wrong 2x4 delivered today.

    Hopefully, 100m of the correct 2x4 to be delivered next Monday.

  • As to how long it will last - the roof, or the whole thing?

    The roof.

    I'd expect it to last a lot longer than a standard felt roof.

    There should be minimal sun damage, and I will hopefully only have to replace the trim if anything.

    Overall, I've tried to design it so that rain water is diverted from joins, and there shouldn't be anywhere for it to pool.

  • Subbed!

  • I'd expect it to last a lot longer than a standard felt roof.

    When I did the shed, a guide I found suggested torch-on roofing felt - the sort you'd use on a flat roof. Logic being its much, much tougher than the stuff "designed for" sheds.

    EBay has loads of cheap stuff either left over from roof jobs, or isn't up to par for a resi flat roof but fine for a shed.

    Living roof is infinitely better, but thought I'd mention it for others.

  • A bunch of 2x4s arrived early this week, so I've been sawing & banging away.

    Luckily, the weather means that my tent workshop is just fine.

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  • Skids, floor frame, and floor trimmed to size

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TW builds a bike shed

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