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  • love this.

  • Not bad so far. I am still dialing in the fit. Thinking of going flat bar, but I flat bar everything and this build started around the record carbon brake levers.

  • couple half arsed pics
    dreamroller 650b
    dreamroller 650b
    dreamroller 650b
    dreamroller 650b

  • Looks incredible 👌

  • Nice. Steel stem with carbon steerer though?

  • Pic 3 is pure levitation!

  • Nice. Steel stem with carbon steerer though?

    Is that bad?

  • Peak steamroller, looks ace

  • When Carbon steerers were less ubiquitous, stems were often rated as ‘carbon safe’ - the clamp designed so the load is spread and no sharp edges bite into the carbon. Steel stems aren’t usually optimised for this

  • Thanks for explaining, I didn't know it was a thing but I wondered about this when I installed a steel Nitto stem on a Columbus Minimal carbon fork carbon steerer. I reassured myself at the time that it was fine, the fabrication tolerances of the stem are good, so no risk of unwelcome movement/friction under load, no sharp edges, the pinching of the street is well distributed, with two bolts... Had the set-up a few years and all good. When I recently swapped a spacer the steerer looked immaculate but to be fair I don't use that bike much...
    Are they stories of catastrophic failures?

    Sorry for the thread derailing @BassoBry , bike looks excellent!

  • Such a nice build

  • Being this stem has a tall stack and two bolt pinch spreading the load out, I am not the least bit worried about it.

  • Small update...

    The drop bar experiment lasted all but a few months. This bike is too fun for drops. Not saying drops can't be fun, but flats are more-so imo. Shame because the Record levers were the centerpiece for this iteration. Oh well, it's so much more fun now and those levers will go into the bin. I've been sitting on this Sim Works Little Nick/Paul Boxcar (van halen edish) cockpit for years and I think it finally found its home. Camera died after 1 pic so this is all for now. Oh and I swapped tyres and seatposts. Pirelli Cinturato H in a 46. The RH 42s were too small. Enve seatpost.


  • rowdy yet understated.

  • I keep coming back to this thread. Build looks fantastic

  • God dam that's nice. I love this in every guise.

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