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  • This is an unnecessarily long love a letter to this bicycle.
    The day I brought it home
    Photo Jan 06, 4 02 38 AM

    Some inital mock ups. Compass Bon Jons and Paul Racers.

    Built the wheels around some beautiful Bullseye hubs. Machined the rear axle to 120.


    Then it started getting rando curious...


    Complete with fenders...


    Put some Challenge knobbies on for winter. Even had my mate hold it for me. Everything was divine...

    Photo Mar 27, 4 53 41 PM

    Then this happened...Thanks to the front door of my old apartment building...

    Photo Feb 13, 12 25 57 PM

    Turns out front 32h Bullseye hubs are basically impossible to find. So I bought this and did a rebuild...

    Photo Mar 16, 11 54 57 PM

    It's my daily reminder to keep it real...

    Photo Mar 23, 7 12 37 PM

  • Then this happened...

    Photo Jun 02, 5 44 00 AM

    And the fenders came off so that I could engage PartyMode™...

    Photo May 16, 6 57 31 PM


    Photo Jun 02, 5 44 28 AM

    And this is where it sits today...

    Photo Jun 02, 5 41 46 AM

    Thanks for reading...

    Photo Jun 02, 5 44 46 AM

  • Nice photo story.

    DBAD brakes.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • That side on pic 2 up, are the fork bent backwards?!?

  • woop woop

  • I enjoyed that. Looking forward to further instalments as time goes by.

  • Love rollers. Keep pics coming!

  • Reviving this one from the dead. I’ve had this bike for almost 8 years now. I put a whisky canti fork on it (longer than the stock fork) and it had become basically a ssmtb for a while…

    Photo Jan 06, 5 31 53 AM

    Then I built up a Karate Monkey and this setup became redundant. I knew I wanted to build it back up with drops, but needed to start from scratch. The idea was:
    super light
    lots of carbon
    frame bag
    First order of business was to find one of the whisky allroad forks (rake matches stock fork) and ditch the canti fork to preserve the handling with drops.

    dreamroller 650b

    I searched for a rear hub for about 4 months. I wanted a freehub body rather than freewheel. I found a store on eBay where a former engineer from Tune is making odd spacing Mag 170s. I ordered a 24h rear spaced 120 and 20h Son dynamo. I also ordered some custom hoops from LB in 650 with the groove graphene brake surface. V happy with how they turned out.



    16lbs as it sits here

    And here is where I am now…mocking up carbon mudguards from Velo Duo


    What color frame bag should I get?

  • Hot damn this is good.

  • Very nice! I makes me happy that you didn't use black spokes

  • a store on eBay where a former engineer from Tune is making odd spacing Mag 170s

    Link please:)

    Bike is looking super.

  • https://www.ebay.de/str/konqrenzpunktde

    I've just spent half an hour looking through that shop. Had to stop myself from ordering random stuff a couple of times. :-D

  • oof! nice!
    frame bag to match tyre colours maybe?

  • Damn that thing's awesome!

  • Yes he's got some really cool bits on there.

  • I was thinking this as well. Either grey or a tan. I am workshopping some options from outer shell at the moment.

  • a few updates…
    rear tyre was rubbing a bit so i clearanced the frame with a tool i had a machinist make me a while back.
    still need to find some time to mount the mudguards and do the dynamo wiring and wrap the bars


  • this bike build is looking fantastic.

  • Do you just squeeze the tube with that tool you made? Interesting stuff! And agree with above, fantastic bike and components choice!

  • Yes just a bit of crimp. It’s definitely a tool you need to use discretion with. Finesse is required.

    I was able to sort the mudguards and wrap the bars. Still need to mount the lights and wire the dynamo but a little progress is good.




  • Excellent. And a dynamic tyre choice!

  • Wow this is great in all forms.

  • A little update…ditched the dynamicos. Was able to get it to a point of no rubbing but wasn’t enough to actually ride this off road, which is my plan. Went with some RH 42 knobbies and now have ample mud clearance. Also wired up the Exposure Revo. I am really impressed with it’s standing light length. Hacked up an exposure mount to fit my garmin mount but forgot to take pics. Wiring up the rear light this week and this will pretty close to winter ready.

  • The want is so real. Every time I see this, I want one more.

  • This looks ace. How does it ride?

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