2018-06-03 Rider Down(Fatality) Deptford

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  • The one at the junction with Deptford Church and Bronze St is for TJ Olatunji Adeyanju. Think I mentioned it upthread. Also a hit and run. 6 years ago. He was 17. His killer was caught. http://www.eastlondonlines.co.uk/2013/05­/family-of-cyclist-olatunji-tj-johnson-a­deyanju

  • We had also planned a ride during Bike Week, along Q1 and then into central London using all the Bike infrastructure. We’ve decided to go ahead with the ride, but stop at the site and hold a minutes silence. https://www.facebook.com/events/97149037­9679867/

  • I don't know, but it's been done very neatly and evidently with a lot of care. Sad to see two in such close proximity.

  • The police have arrested someone on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. Doesn't appear to have been charged.


  • We (Lewisham Cyclists/Deptford Folk) held aminutes silence at the Ghost Bike after our community bike workshop today. We run it at the Scout Hut opposite and it seemed wrong to ignore it. A couple came up to us and inquired about the victim. One of them had witnessed the incident, been part of the help and assistance in the street afterwards, but was not aware that the man had died. He was very shocked and we persuaded him to go to the police and say exactly what he had seen. I’m wondering if there were other locals who saw but haven’t given their evidence yet, because they just wandered away once the ambulance had arrived, not wanting to be in the way, as this man had done. Lack of evidence might be one reason they haven’t charged the individual yet. So, get the message out on whatever social media you can, if you know anything, go to the police and tell them what you saw.

  • Good work, Jane. I hope his testimony helps.

  • Seems that a fruitful avenue could be to pop some flyers up around the area, letting people know what’s happened and that their evidence could be important...

  • ^Shocking. Antonio sounded like a wonderful person.

  • Rest in peace, Antonio. He was well known in the local community. I know he rode out with Southwark Cyclists sometimes. Eight years doesn’t seem like much given what the driver actually did! I’d at least like to know this person could never get behind the wheel of a car legally ever again. Doesn’t seem right he could be driving round our local streets again in just a few years time. Thinking of Antonio’s friends and family right now.

  • Frida Hussain, for Richardson, said he “simply did not see the victim”.

    Yeah, that happens when you're on the phone. Die in prison, Reuben Richardson.

    RIP Antonio.

  • I’d at least like to know this person could never get behind the wheel of a car legally ever again.

    Licence revoked:


    The court heard how Richardson had 13 previous convictions for 21
    offences. He has spent the better part of the last decade in prison
    for robbery and assaults, including the robbery of a cash in transit

  • That’s a much fuller account than the Standard. Thanks.

  • So do I read this right that Richardson hit Antonio head-on as he was going north-eastbound (against the one-way flow) and Antonio was cycling south-westbound (with the one-way flow) in the narrow general traffic lane?

  • The incident began at the junction of Rolt St and Childers St. Childers St is part of Quietway 1, fairly new then. Rolt St had just been made one way for motor traffic with a contraflow for cyclists. Drivers were ignoring the new one way, and, as far as we know, from local witnesses we have heard from, the driver who killed Antonio had tried to do just this, and Antonio had been attempting to explain to him what he was doing wrong. What exactly happened next is not exactly clear. But seems driver may well have been abusive, some reports say he got out of car, but that’s not absolutely clear, then got back, drove at Antonio. But again, not exactly clear. What is clear is that somehow driver ended up dragging Antonio along, possibly with his bike, into Childers St and then stopped, abandoned car and left the scene. Bystanders came to help, called ambulance etc.

  • Thanks, Jane. That is so much worse than I expected--unclear or not, what does seem clear is that there was some prior interaction between them. Poor Antonio.

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2018-06-03 Rider Down(Fatality) Deptford

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