2018-06-03 Rider Down(Fatality) Deptford

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  • Detectives are appealing for information after a cyclist died following a ‘hit and run’ collision in Deptford.

    Police were called to Childers Street junction with Rolt Street, SE8 at 16:14hrs on Sunday, 3 June following reports of a road traffic collision.

    Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and found a man aged in his fifties suffering from critical injuries.

    He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police continue in efforts to inform his next-of-kin.


  • r i p.

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  • This is part of Quietway 1 so will no doubt raise questions. Terribly sad. It’s part of my daily commute and you often get close passes and aggressive driving on this stretch.

  • Terrible news :(

  • This is awful. Childers St has been an issue since council bowed to local pressure and pulled back from its original plans on Q1, which were to filter it completely. This shows absolutely why that original complete filtering was needed.

  • Literally just yards from where we (Lewisham Cyclists) run our Mend and Ride Workshop. Feeling really angry about this. Just as we’re planning a vigil next week for those riders killed on Greenwich roads which aren’t that far away. And I still feel sad and angry every time I ride past the ghost Bike for the last rider killed in Deptford 6 years ago when another hit and run coward killed TJ Adeyanju on a toucan crossing in 2012. Less than a mile away from this latest tragedy. This. Has. To. Stop.

  • Wow, I would have thought in this day and age it would be fairly easy to find the person who was driving and the police would follow up in this pretty thoroughly

    It was such a great day (weather wise) and I saw so many people on on two wheels. My thoughts are with the guys friends and family

  • :(

    Rode down there this morning as per the usual commute. The knowledge of what happened there yesterday, the fact the driver abandoned and ran off, and the new car tyre burn out trails at both the junctions makes me boil.

  • I rode that way today as well. Had a minor incident with a brand new Audi A3, driver looked about 16 and had his hood up. Deptford...

    The commute felt a bit more tense than usual. Horrible feeling to ride down there knowing what happened yesterday. My thoughts are with the guy's family and friends today.

  • I would have thought in this day and age it would be fairly easy to find the person who was driving and the police would follow up in this pretty thoroughly

    In the hit and run I experienced, I had assumed that it occurring in SE1 would mean cameras everywhere with lots of footage and that the police would be engaged as property was damaged. None of this was true.

    However police do engage in the case of fatalities, so I have some hope that in this case the driver is traced.

  • Terrible, terrible news.

    Hopefully the police find this coward.

  • Sadly this is a quiet residential area so I don't imagine there are many cameras. But if they have a description then hopefully he's picked up on camera somewhere nearby.

  • :(

    RIP cyclist, condolences to family and friends.

  • Nasty indeed. To me, this is murder.

    My condolences to all who knew him.

  • Ugh. I hope they catch him, although wouldn't be surprised if the car is stolen.

  • Poor family having to deal with reading those awful details of the incident.Some mistakes in the article though. There is no segregated cycle path on Childers St.Thats further along on Edward St. Might seem trivial, but don’t want people to start going on about how rider should have used the cyclepath.

  • This is a two minute walk from my house. Shocking news. My thoughts are with the friends and family of this poor man. I know this junction very well, and agree with the earlier posters that it's one of the weak points of the Q1.

  • There is no segregated cycle path on Childers St.

    There’s a newly installed cycle path on Rolt St, where it crosses Childers. From the pics, that’s where this occurred

  • Such sad news. RIP rider.

  • Jesus - that's horifying.

  • I passed by again this morning and someone has erected a ghost bike. There's already one about half a mile further east on Q1 where it crosses that nasty main road.


  • I was about to ask if anyone knows who put the ghost bike up. We (Lewisham Cyclists) have been discussing what to do since this happened. We hold a community bike workshop every month on the Second Sunday (this coming Sunday in fact) and will be paying our respects at the junction after the workshop at 2.30pm. We had thought about a ghost bike but would always get the family ok first. We nearly did one for the guy killed in Central Lewisham a few years back but didn’t when the family said they didn’t want it.

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2018-06-03 Rider Down(Fatality) Deptford

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