Dunelm "Jasper" oak shelves which i also, alas, do not have room for. Looking for £90 as they're in very good condition. can be dismantled to be transported flatpack. pick up near uxbridge.

    it's unbelievably comfortable and because of the wide base you can truly curl up in it. the dream furniture for the librocubicultarist attempting to appear civilised.

    the only thing i can think of to mention is that a few of the screws (which are plain old m6s) on the underside (attaching the chair to the base, which you never see) i had to replace so some are brass and some are silver colour, with the silver ones slightly longer. doesn't affect the motion or anything else at all. the bottom of the rockers has been protected with felt since we got it.

    it's only a few months old and was brand new. i appreciate this sort of post is about as "misc" as the forum could possibly get but i don't want to ebay it. looking for £240 as it was double that new, pickup near uxbridge

  • (can take good pictures in daylight if there is any interest)

  • pics as requested by pm:

    ^ as aforementioned. the replacement silver m6s were longer than the stock ones but they're screwed in very tightly and securely, despite evidence to the contrary

    and one for perspective/relative dimensions:

  • as you can see it's not from a pet-free home, but it'd have a very good HEPA filter hoover and wipe down prior to leaving - just bear in mind if you're allergic to doges

  • this is awesome, I'm quite tempted....is there any way to disassemble it for transport? it would have to come back with me on a bike/bike trailer

  • yes - it splits into two parts, the wooden base and the seat, though it doesn't dissemble further. you'd be welcome to borrow my omnium (not sure how far you're going) if you don't think it'd fit on the trailer (which it probably would, with enough persuasion/securing)

  • hmmm, cool. I'll have a think, but pls don't hold it for me if someone else is interested, as I need to wait a week or so until I move into my new flat.

  • no worries - it's not dibsed for anyone right now so please someone take it off my hands!

  • hubba hubba. Nice!

  • hi, do you still have the Kolton rocking chair for sale?

  • i do!! and i'm still very keen to get rid of it!

  • if you could put wheels on it and drive it up the M1 I'd have it myself...

  • Ok great, I would like to arrange to come look at it and collect.
    let me know how to contact you directly. eey2283@gmail.com

  • you've been emailed! there is also a second dibs so if no reply in 24 hours it will go to them - apols but need to get this sold asap

  • chair sold! thanks all

  • bookshelves added to OP. will add pics if any interest

  • price drop on the shelves! £80

  • price drop on shelves, there are two sets and they're now 50£ each. one pm so far but no follow up. dimensions are:

    40cm deep at base and 22cm deep at top
    78 cm wide
    158cm high

  • PM coming

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FS - MADE Kolton rocking chair & Dunelm freestanding oak bookshelves

Posted by Avatar for ioreka @ioreka