• I'll have had the 295 for two years this August, during which time I think I've got a really good handle on what works and what doesn't.

    It's now in it's "works for me" format, although I'm playing around with the forks (coil Helm vs air Lyrik) I think it'll go back onto the Lyrik ultimately as it's definitely stiffer, which allows you to plow through choppy stuff with more control. Not that you feel the Helm twisting in isolation, but when you do the same run back to back you notice the lack of it with a bigger fork.

    Which means that I'm now thinking of selling the 295 to get something new - would anyone be interested? If so I can go into much more detail, I'd be thinking of moving it as a unit of frame/stem/SDU shock/RT3 spare shock/Lyrik (with Secus), and will include some internal cable sheathing which (once I discovered it) made the bike silent.

    It's an XL, and suits my 187cm frame very well.

  • Oh, and I have loads of spares for the frame- full set (maybe two) of bearings, seals, replacement spindles, bolts etc.

  • My frame is an XL, the bag installs as in your picture - so the logical hose routing is (again) as pictured, which means that you have to bend down to get the plastic teat in your mouth as the hose is at least 30cm shorter than it should be, in order to be comfortable.

    I also find that Apidura's bit valve thing is a bit shit.

    Having used mine yesterday, I can agree with both these things, so I'll order a Camelbak valve, as they're always worked for me before. The Supplied valve is hard work

  • Sorry - been away, will get your hose in the post. I bought some Osprey valves.

  • No worries, Neil. I'm in no rush :-)

  • Ok, my RC295 frame (and potentially fork) is now definitely for sale, if you'd like it please let me know and we can come to some arrangement.

  • I also want some of this pipe pls

  • If you post some to Pete you can have as much as you like.

  • I'm WFH this week, roll over and grab some.

  • Ogod, now amey will know where I live...

  • Give him an address over the road and then stand at your net curtains for the next week waiting for him

  • It's ok, if you don't have a gravel path leading to your house he can't get there.

  • I'll wait until I can smell coffee brewing outside

  • You people actually exist?

  • I can count how many people from the forum I've actually met in real life on one hand so to be honest I doubt it...

  • You people actually ride bikes? I thought this was all role play.

  • You're not alone...

  • Seeing as this is the most comprehensive Magura thread on the internet


  • I'd absolutely have that on an eCargo bike.

  • Still waiting for this

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  • Trail SL!!

    I wanted one so much. Back in the fixie skidder days, when Glasgow had its very own gfgss forum, I used to see someone riding around on one, they just looked cool. I think I might set up an ebay alert.

    Also lol@10yeardredge

  • this was a nice example

  • That bike was reduced to £420 at Triton Cycles back then

    Four hundred and twenty pounds!

  • You must be mistaken. £420 can barely buy a 12 speed cassette :(

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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