• I was expecting to see a queue of AA vans parked around the corner for when everyone needed to get home.

  • I borrowed Griffith from a mate of mine for the weekend once. Radiator exploded and dropped all the coolant.

  • .

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  • Bike + frame bag looks great. Been thinking of running a similar setup with my Genesis Hi-latitude hardtail as I've always ridden it without bottle cages and a camelbac.

  • When going down trails like Babymaker I’d advise tucking the hose into the webbing as the magnet can only hold on for so much.

  • Hmm, that looks fine.

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  • First official use of the awning, can reveal it keeps the rain off, doesn't resolve missing motivation problem:

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  • Tailgate also handy rain shield, located very nice espresso but sadly motivation still missing:

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  • Hmm, that looks fine:

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  • You know you've made it big when you have your own awning

  • Are you pro if you sponsor yourself?

  • You can race as a pro on the World Cup XC and DH circuit if you're a privateer, so I guess so

  • Did the derailleur survive?

  • You know you've made it big when you have your own awning

    There were many awnings present today, I can (also) reveal.

  • Seems so - my precision trail-side bending was, you'll be shocked to hear, not perfect, although it got me some gear selection back.

    I waved the Park hanger tool at the bike and looks like the mech is find.

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  • I have also ordered some spare hangers, as this was a silly thing not to have.

  • Yeah my xx1 mech has been surprisingly sturdy. It hit a rock and bent the hanger on one of the first rides when I bought it, it’s quite beat up looking now but it still seems to function perfectly after 2 and a bit years.

  • My axs mech has a few scratches. The crash protection mode is pretty neat, hearing the servo kick in when it takes a knock leaves me guessing it’s probably more likely to survive an incident than a mechanical mech.

  • While I’m here… you don’t happen to have any spare zipp freehubs lying around? Shimano hg for the recent-ish 77/177 hubs

  • I'll have a look but I think my Zipp stuff is a bit long in the tooth.

  • I really don't blame you for not being motivated, especially after a bike damaging off.

    Practice was greasy enough on wet South Downs chalky roots but when it started hammering down before the race, sheltering in my car I didn't have much motivation either! Fair to say the race was like an ice rink in places, good fun, but my worst Enduro result ever.

  • Were the trails good? I've ventured that way before, but they're strictly cheeky apart from a handful of sanctioned events.

  • Very good. I'd love to hit them in the dry!

  • Just decided to follow your steps and bought a secondhand Pace 295 frameset. It seemed you were fairly happy with it so this gave me the last push to go ahead with it..I will fit shimano brakes though..

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I have no idea what I'm doing (Dammit’s adventures in mountain biking)

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